Wife of man arrested in DEA sweep: ‘He’s a good father’

TIGARD, Ore. – The wife of a man arrested as part of the nation’s first-ever crack down on “designer drugs” said she was unaware her husband may have been involved in illegal activity.

Federal prosecutors charged Joshua P. Becker with conspiracy as part of “Operation Log Jam.”

Speaking from her home in Tigard, which had been raided by agents Wednesday, Shyloah Becker said she had no idea what her husband was doing: “He’s works a lot,” she said. “I stay out of it, you know. Probably for this reason. But no, I didn’t know.”

Blames Idaho for not investigating son’s death

“All he’s been trying to do is make it to where I don’t have to put the kids in day care anymore,” she tells KOIN Thursday. After all, it was in an Idaho daycare where one of her sons died after being left unattended for hours, Shyloah said.

Shyloah said on July 5, 2009, she dropped her 15-month-old son off at daycare. He was put in a booster seat by the babysitter, Shyloah said.

“His death certificate says death by asphyxiation,” Shyloah said. “[The State of Idaho] did nothing for me – for my son. They didn’t even question the woman that was watching him.”

Now she’s upset Drug Enforcement Administration agents out of Idaho targeted her husband, and that the State of Idaho failed to follow up on the death of their child.

Shyloah said that, after the couple’s son died, her husband made a vow to her: He would work so she could stay home and take care of their other three kids.

“I understand my husband was probably doing things that weren’t very great,” Shyloah said. “You know, as long as I can stay home with my kids and not have something like this happen again is all that matters.”

Shyloah said she stayed out of her husband’s business affairs.

“There’s so much he does on a daily basis; it’s hard to keep track of him,” she said. “…He’s a good father. He’s a good man.”Watch the attached video for more.

Joshua Becker has been charged with an operation based out of Idaho. Officials said he was helping to distribute synthetic marijuana.

According to court records, Joshua and his alleged associates made more than $3 million selling the designer drugs — often targeted toward kids and young adults. Agents said they searched Joshua’s up-scale Tigard home and also a storage facility in Vancouver where they found packaging material and synthetic drugs.

Joshua Becker will remain at the Multnomah County Detention Center under a federal hold until he can be transported to Idaho, officials said. Shyloah says he will plead not guilty.

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