Synthetic Drug Raid Busts Tigard Dealer

A Tigard man was arrested on drug charges after federal DEA agents raided his house and two warehouses.  The bust was part of a national sting Operation Log Jam that targeted dealers of synthetic drugs in nearly 100 cities.
32-year-old Joshua Becker is also wanted in Idaho for distribution of synthetic versions of marijuana and methamphetamine.  An indictment accuses him and four others of profiting $3.5 Million.
Becker’s home on Summerview Drive in Tigard, and the warehouses of A & J Distribution on Northeast 76th Avenue in Vancouver and Southwest 74th in Tigard were raided on Wednesday.  Agents seized boxes of evidence.  The drugs include spice, incense, bath salts and plant food, which often give a high that’s more dangerous than street drugs.
Agents seized over $200,000 from his bank account.  They say his business here netted $2.5 Million since the beginning of the year.
Neighbors were suspicious of Becker’s often pacing back and forth outside his home, yelling and screaming about business deals.  His rap sheet dating back to 1999 includes theft, forgery, fraud, and skipping court.


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