Synthetic Drug Users Claim They “Used” Unknowingly

WASHINGTON, MO. (KPLR) – Poison Control reports callers who claim drugs were hidden inside cigarettes.  People are calling Poison Control saying they’ve used synthetic drugs without even knowing it.  While that sounds impossible, it’s happening because people are secretly planting the dangerous drugs in cigarettes.

A Washington, MO. Mom explained how her son recently came home screaming, “They drugged me!”  Jorjann Walther says her son came home with his truck damaged.  She said he was panicked because he thought he’d been in a dream.  She explained that, “He was very paranoid.  He was backing away from the ambulance attendant and it was just not him.”

With the help of a Washington, Missouri Police investigation, they discovered Walther’s friends removed tobacco from a cigarette and replaced it with a store product called Mad Hatter.  The Fox Files recently took the synthetic drug to be tested.  The St. Louis County Toxicology lab found the banned compound called AM2201.

Police Chief Ken Hahn said, “I don`t think any of these young people know how potent this stuff is.”

Chief Hahn explained how this started as an apparent joke by Walther’s friends.

He told us, “At first one was blaming the other and we got to the bottom of it.  Bottom line we did learn the cigarette was altered and it was stuffed with this Mad Hatter.”

Walther was relieved to learn her son didn’t run over anyone while driving and hallucinating. She said she learned from police that several people called 911 to report a black truck driving up the back side of the Lions Lake dam, possibly up on the walking path, right on the edge of the deepest end of the lake.

She added, “(My son) remembers the truck shaking and he remembers seeing the lake and saying, Oh it would be really neat to drive on a lake, because he thought he was in a dream.”

Though Mad Hatter is called synthetic pot, it’s really an entirely different animal.

Based on her son’s demeanor, Walther said she thought, “It`s nothing like marijuana.  It didn`t make him sleepy.  It agitated him and made him hallucinate.”

Police continue investigating possible charges and looking for the store that may have sold the illegal synthetic drug.

Just two days before the concerned mother called FOX2, a poison control representative told us about similar cases of parents reporting their kids smoked what they thought was a normal cigarette, but turned out to be something else.

One thought on “Synthetic Drug Users Claim They “Used” Unknowingly

  1. You know what? I have never NOT ONCE, discovered anyway who experienced any paranoia, agitation or even hillucinations off of any kind of “synthetic cannaboid” as the news refers to it as. Sure, everything effects everyone differently, but seriously? Your describing symptoms of SALVIA, NOT SPICE, do your homework before overexaggerating isolated incidents and ignorantly listening to everything your told. truth be told its no more dangerous then alchohol or ciggy’s. And what the heck was that lady’s son SMOKING for anyway?

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