Heap Trip Herbal Incense Review

Ok what a name for a herbal incense “Head Trip”.  Some of us older guys remember the days of LSD and magic mushrooms.  So when we hear head trip that’s what comes to mind.  No this is not like that all.  This is a legal herbal incense spice called Head Trip and it’s great incense.

We were sent this herbal incense of head trip to sample and write a review on.  Once we got the package in the mail we opened it right up and were excited to see just what’s in the package.  Well it was a sealed baggie of HEAD TRIP HERBAL INCENSE.

My friend and I were like yea buddy let’s get on with this review.  We never write a review on a product we have not personally tried.  Now if you have read a lot of our herbal incense reviews you know that we don’t always write good reviews on every product we try.  There is a ton of crap herbal incense out there.  We have tried them all, and this is one of the best ones we have had the chance to write a review on.

Head trip herbal spice is not a new spice to hit the block.  This herbal spice has been in the game for a while and we tried it about a year ago.  At that time we were not writing reviews and honestly I have tied so many I really don’t even remember that one.

Ok so let’s get on with letting everyone know about this spice head trip.  The package is just like in the photo we have attached in the blog posting.  It has green packaging and has black writing with a skull on the baggie.

I cracked open this sealed baggie with my teeth an packed a fat pipe full of this head trip and let me tell you it taste great in my water bong.  Super smooth an burns just like hydo.  I was very pleased with the fast acting effects that head trip has.  Super fast effects, I mean don’t plan on smoking this before you’re on your way to moms for dinner let’s just saying that.  It lasted about 55 minutes pretty straight high then a really mellow feeling for about an hour after.  Very chill herbal spice.

As far as price I got this for free, but I have done some research on sites that sell it like 4 grams for $19.99 and you better believe that it’s worth every dime.  And im not talking dime bag. LOL

This is a great Aroma and Herbal Incense Spice I would say is a real party starter.

4 thoughts on “Heap Trip Herbal Incense Review

  1. I ordered some of this without really knowing much about it and now I can’t wait to get it! And red fox, they don’t sell it in stores anymore (at least not in NV) but you can buy it from for really good prices. Since you’re in CA and they’re located in norcal I think if you do the cheapest shipping (ten bucks) youd probably get it in a day or two.

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