GA company agrees to not sell synthetic drug chemicals in WV

CHARLESTON (AP) — A Georgia company that was sued by West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw has agreed not to sell or advertise its synthetic drug chemicals in the state.

McGraw sued Alpharetta, Ga.-based Nutragenomics Manufacturing LLC in April. McGraw has said the company was a “significant distributor” of ingredients used to make drugs known as bath salts and synthetic marijuana, among other things.

The company agreed in an order entered July 18 to place a notice on its website that it does not sell to West Virginia customers. It also agreed to provide a database of its West Virginia customers from Jan. 1, 2008, to the present and the amount of products they ordered.

McGraw touted the order in a news release July 19, saying the order banned the company from doing business in the state.

“Cutting off the supply of these illicit substances at the source is central to ending this debilitating menace,” McGraw said in a statement.

But Nutragenomics attorney Leah Macia says the company entered into the agreement voluntarily because it was not doing anything illegal.

“We weren’t engaged in any of the conduct that he wanted us to stop doing, that’s why it was just a simple matter to enter into an agreement,” Macia said.

The agreement does not end the lawsuit, which will proceed.

A state law went into effect in April 2011 targeting chemicals meant to produce effects similar to cocaine and marijuana. The drugs have street names such as K2, Spice and bath salts.

Federal law bans specific ingredients used in the manufacturing and sale of synthetic drugs, but McGraw and Chad Napier, commander of the Metro Drug Unit in Kanawha and Putnam counties, have said manufacturers change the molecular structure of the ingredients in order to skirt the law.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of JusticePhoto courtesy of U.S. Department of Justice
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2 thoughts on “GA company agrees to not sell synthetic drug chemicals in WV

  1. i agree it should be up to me to decide what i want to smoke the goverment is so dumb pot is not a gateway to shit what is a gateway is a person that wants to do some dumb shit make pot legal tax it and if smoking is worse than drinking i will be the first to eat crow so leave the synthetic herb alone and the pot and go after the drunks

  2. I think this is just stupid, if this is a free country where is the freedom? Me smoking herbal incense is only going to do harm to me, not to other people, why should the government tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body. Alcohol is way more dangerous than herbal incense and marijuana, you always here of drunk driving accidents, but never of someone wrecking because they were stoned off weed. Alcohol should be illegal and pot should be legal if they are trying to “save lives”. Just like seat belts being a law, why should I have to wear mine, when im not hurting anyone else but myself if I was to wreck. I should be able to control what I do with my own self.

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