Focus on synthetic drugs may lead more people to try out bath salts

Education and awareness has increased recently about a specific ingredient contained some bath salts that can cause individuals to experience a change in their mental status, leading to erratic behavior and death after use of such products containing the specific ingredient.

However, the information is being used in two opposite ways. Some individuals are using it for their safety, checking products to make sure they don’t contain reported ingredients so they don’t use such products. Other individuals are taking the information and seeking out such products and ingredients, so as to presumably experience the change in their mental state. The point being, the publicity about this issue to educate, inform and warn people has been followed by an increase in reported cases in which individuals have used the product and experienced the effects of change in behavior and/or death.

Statistics are showing that there has been a drastic increase in use and behavioral effects of these products rather than an expected and desired decrease. Has providing information helped more people to avoid products or given people information about a product they can use to get high?

C. Meghan Connelly
East Syracuse

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