Council to address synthetic drugs


The war against drug use, sales and possession declared by the West Frankfort Police Department and supported by the city administration could get a boost Tuesday night when the City Council meets in regular session at West Frankfort City Hall, 110 North Jefferson Street.

One of the first items of business is, “the approval of an ordinance establishing the city of West Frankfort Municipal Code regarding the prohibition of the sale, possession or use of synthetic cannabis and other synthetic alternative drugs.”

If approved by the council, it will give the WFPD another tool in their drive to eliminate illegal drugs from the community. Police chief Jeff Tharp said the department has been cracking down on this abuse and pointed out how important these laws are. “Substance abuse has been been involved in violent local crimes like bank robbery, stabbings and other situations. The bad guys will not win. You abuse drugs and we’ll be coming to your door.”

The department has been operating under the state’s “Analog” law and the Franklin County State’s Attorney under new laws enacted in January of 2012. The older laws were sometimes vague when it came to substance and content. “We hope such new laws and acts like the city is hopefully approving will discourage abusers. If not, they’ll be seeing us.” The PD monitors stores and works with parcel delivery companies to root out illegal substances.

Other items of business facing the council Tuesday after the payment of bills and confirming the previous meeting’s minutes include:

-The approval of an ordinance authorizing the city to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the Illinois office of the Comptroller’s local debt recovery program.

-Approval to discuss the bids for the route 37 sanitary sewer conflicts with possible action to insure notice of award for the project.

-Approval of the bid for the Rote 37 sanitary sewer conflicts.

-Discussion of proposed new codes ordinance

-Presentation by Select Energy partners Nick and Charles Hill for electrical aggregation.

-Approval to install stop sign at West 7th and North Parkhill pursuant to a request from the school board.

-Permission to advertise for bids to surface the vacant Paschedag lot and remove gas lines for parking.

-Approval of a roadblock to be held September 1, 2012 by BPO Elks Lodge #1340 at the corner of State Highway 37 and Main Street, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with a rain date of October 13, 2012 to raise money for the annual kids school assistance.

-Approval of a road block at the same location held October 6, by the Elks, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the annual Children’s Care Corp. (crippled children).

-Approval to pay Tiger direct in the amount of $2,027.26 for a laptop to be used to key paperless billing operations for the fire department.

-Other regular items such as building permits, commissioners reports, mayor’s report and audience comments are also on the agenda.


Chief and the drugs
Jeff Webb

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