Police: Evidence suggests suspect smoked drug ‘K2’

SWAT team, negotiator assist in Edmond incident


EDMOND — Evidence found in an Edmond home suggested that a man involved in an hour-long standoff with officers had smoked the synthetic drug “K2,” police said.

Both the Edmond Police Department SWAT team and a negotiator were called to the scene, a home in north Edmond near the Kelly-Danforth intersection, police said.

At about 6 p.m. July 12 Edmond Police Officer Ben Daves was dispatched to 406 Nimrod Road in reference to a domestic disturbance, according to a report filed by Daves. He was advised by dispatch that the suspect had threatened to stab the victim, police said.

When Daves arrived he spoke with the victim who said during an argument the suspect had held a knife to his stomach, police said. Earlier, when the victim asked the suspect if he was going to stab him, the suspect said he would, police said.

Daves stated that the victim said the suspect had barricaded himself in his room and refused to come out. He said the suspect had been smoking K2 for the past couple of days, police said.

Daves went to an adjacent bedroom and began speaking with the suspect, police said. During the conversation the suspect said he had at least two knives in his room.

“I asked him about his intentions with the knives and he told me ‘open the (expletive) door and you’ll find out,” Daves stated in the report.

Throughout the conversation, the suspect made it clear that if the officer entered the room he would have to use force on him because he would not drop the knives, police said.

Daves called Edmond Police Sgt. Bill Gilbert to the scene so he could take control of it, police said. He and Daves both attempted to speak with the suspect but were unsuccessful. Gilbert contacted Lt. Bob Pratt and after a short time it was decided to involve the SWAT and negotiations teams, police said.

When they arrived Daves and Lt. Paul Barbour staged across the hall from the suspect’s room and Barbour began negotiations while Daves provided cover for him, police said. After about an hour, the suspect exited the room, police said.

Daves took the suspect into custody and put him in his patrol car, police said. After the officer obtained consent he retrieved a Gerber knife and a Kobalt razor blade box knife. The victim said the suspect held the Gerber knife to his stomach, police said.

Daves also found in plain view a green “bong” used for smoking K2 and/or marijuana lying on the floor next to the knives, according to the report. The bong had K2 residue on it, police said.

In a previous report, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spokesman Mark Woodward told The Edmond Sun K2 produces powerful euphoria and hallucinogenic symptoms 90 percent similar to marijuana. A mixture of herbs and spices is sprayed with a synthetic compound chemically similar to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Police said Gregory Scott Salisbury, 21, of Edmond, was arrested on an assault with a deadly weapon complaint and transported to the city jail. On July 12 he was booked into the county jail where he was held on $7,500 bond.

Under questioning the suspect said during the argument the victim had opened the door to his room, that he got mad and “bucked up to” the victim, police said. The suspect said the victim did not leave the doorway so he held the knife to his stomach, police said.

When Daves asked the suspect if he intended on stabbing the victim he said he did not, according to the report. He told Daves he just wanted to make the victim think he would stab him so he could scare him, police said.

On Monday, a probable cause hearing was held in Oklahoma County District Court and probable cause was found to bound over the suspect, according to court records. No defense attorney was listed. No future court dates have been posted on the state’s court information website.

The suspect had not yet entered a plea in court either.

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