Holland Enforcing K2, Spice, bath salts ban

Holland —

What it is: The new package of laws banning all forms of synthetic marijuana (sold as Spice, K2, Trip Supreme and other brand names) and another drug generally called bath salts, went into effect on July 1. Police can now makes arrests for those who make, sell, possess or use these products.

Details: Anyone caught making, delivering or possessing these drugs with intent to deliver them can face a seven-year felony charge.

“People think if they bought these things when they were legal, it’s OK to have them,” said Holland police Capt. Jack Dykstra. “But it’s not. Possession is a two-year felony.”

Even getting caught using any of the newly banned drugs can result in a one-year misdemeanor charge under the new laws.

Michigan State Police, Ottawa and Allegan counties’ sheriff’s offices, the West Michigan Enforcement Team (WEMET) and municipal police officers are serious about enforcement.

Anyone who needs to dispose of these drug products can drop them off at the Holland Public Safety’s police desk, “no questions asked,” Dykstra said.

But police are relying on the public’s help to report retailers who continue selling the items or people making, selling, using or possessing the drugs.

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