Checkmate Herbal Incense Spice Review


Time for a herbal review of this new spice that has come out. Its checkmate herbal spice and it comes in several different grams of your choice.  I am going to give you the low down on this spice.  First its packaged in a sealed baggie that has a checker board background and a huge smiley face yellow in color on the front.  If you look close you can also see a cherry on the package.

We just got this in last night and tried it.  Once we opened the package we were hoping for a great aroma. Matter of fact there was really not any aroma at all.  We were thinking one of two things.


This could be really good, I mean I have smoked several types of herbal spice that the aroma really was strong and smelled horrible.  This was not the case with Checkmate herbal spice.  So we rolled up a fatty and put the flame to the joint of spice.  There was 2 of us smoking this checkmate potpourri for the first time so we are both going to have input on this review.


The effects of the spice we not to bad.  This is a spice that I would say is good for a beginner of herbal products since its not super strong.  We burned the entire fatty of spice between the two of us.  Please keep in mind we smoke spice on a daily bases and I don’t recommend this for first time users or people that don’t smoke a lot since it might effect you differently.


By the time I took the 3rd hit I could already feel the effects of the herbal incense and I would say I hit the spice about 6 times before It was completely gone. The aroma once it was lit was not to bad not to strong.  For sure its not like most spices of herbal incense and kind of a bummer on the scent.


The effects of the checkmate herbal spice lasted about 30 minutes and it was a very mellow high and after the 30 minutes it was super mellow feeling for another 20 minutes or so.


Over all I would have to say this is a very week herbal potpourri spice and that there are so many other spices on the market that really give you a bang for your buck.  I would not be surprised if the manufactures of checkmate spice come out with a 2nd generation spice very soon.


To us its like the spice is lacking something.  I can not really pin point what that is, but I can tell you its not the same extreme high of the other spices. But its not a complete dud either.


So we are giving it a score of 6/10.  Why so high you might ask?  Well we have come across so many other spice that were to strong or have a horrible aroma and this is not a bad spice, just needs a little bit more of a kick to it.

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