Mr. Nice Guy Qburnt Review

Now I have been a huge Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense fan for a long time now.  Then when I heard that Mr. Nice Guy Spice had came out with a 3rd generation called Mr. Nice Guy Qburnt I just knew that I had to order me some of that spice.  Crazy how I get so excited about new blends coming out.  But the fact is that Mr. Nice Guy has never let me down.  So I knew I had to get my hands on this 3rd generation blend fast.


Boy an I glade I did because this Qburnt hit the spot.  There is one little down fall that I have to let everyone know in this herbal spice reviews of Mr. Nice Guy Qburnt though.  The aroma is not exactly very great, but the effects of the spice are intense.  I love intense spice, that’s the shit I live for.  The strength and power more then makes up for this not so good aroma.

Now I am a herbal incense pro, so I want to let others out there no this is not for the weak at heart.  This spice is no joke, it is strong and I would not recommend this blend of spice for a first time smoker.  This blend is really for people that have been in the herbal incense game for a while.


Now I only ordered a one gram bag.  Not very big, I know what your thinking as I was thinking the same thing.  Please don’t be fooled by the weight.  This will send you falling to your feet, or tripping over your feet.  What ever comes first.  The intense feeling lasts for about 40 minutes and I did not smoke a bunch of it.  Now after that intense 40 minutes the feeling lasts about another hour of straight relaxation.  Not to bad I might say, Hold on one minute I am hitting my Qburnt herbal spice as I type this.  That’s how you write a real review, grab your stash and take a hit then write about that shit.  Hell yea, now for my final I would say this is a overall 8.5/10.  Reason why, the aroma not so good, but the effects, amazing.

Please note, first times please keep out!  You’re not welcome here, go practice up before you step in this package!


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