How to choose a herbal incense review blog or website


First lets get down to the basics. If you visit a blog or website for herbal incense and its full of banners and ads and a ton of google ads. Well now you know why that blog posts tons of content.  There is only one reason to get traffic and make money off ads.

So when your searching google for herbal incense reviews and the best website to find reviews on herbal spice like k2, mad hatter, jonny Clearwater, code black and others make sure you look at these things.

Does the site have tons of ads?

Are the reviews written by real people or did someone hire some guy to write 300 words for 5 bucks to get content and traffic to the site?

Is the site full of useful information and news about herbal incense?

If your looking for a real review site wrote by several people that not only use herbal incense but write real reviews about spice then “Welcome to Your New Home”.

At our website we don’t have tons of spam and ads. This is a free website that makes no money. Its just a cool website to inform users about the herbal incense world and all the top blends and even the shitty blends of spice.

We have several users that submit content to our website for your review.  Matter of fact anyone that wants to write about an experience about legal highs herbal potpourri can.  All you have to do is write it and submit it to us, our staff will read it make sure its quality content and post to our website right away.

Now as you know quality content is king. That’s why we will review your review and make sure it meets our websites guide lines.  While we don’t care if it’s a good review or bad. We are not hear to judge on others experience with herbal incense.

As a matter of fact we also post news about the dangers of herbal incense and legal highs.  We are just an information stream of live news and reviews. We want to be your one stop shop for all the information about herbal potpourri and news.

You can give us your review and we will post it. No need to worry if you don’t want to put your name on the review or just a first name that fine with us.  Hope you enjoy our website and find the information your looking for.

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