Got to start off with the packaging on this spice.  Rack City Herbal Incense has a FAT ASS on the blends packaging that is for sure.  Now for all you rappers out there, this packaging makes since. I think it is funny as hell nothing like smoking a fat ass to get you high.  Best way i smoke this herbal spice blend is with the opposite sex thats for sure.  I dont think you should sit around with 3 guys and smoke on some rack city just say’n.

Ok enough with the jokes lets get on to this rack city spice review.  This is a pretty new blend that has hit the streets with in the last couple of months.  Really from what we know it has not taken off very well and not alot of people are smoking on it.  We got our hot little hands on a 3 gram bag of it.  Since we are guys first thing we did is call up a couple of our home girl smokers to come over and hit this! – The blend man, the blend!

Did not take long at all for the effects to kick in and it was pretty straight. I would rate it about 6.5/10 over all.  After i smoked it i know why it has not really taken off on the streets.  Reason is that it hits you really fast but the effects do not last long at all. I mean it was only like 15 minutes and it was completely gone.

Now most of the herbal incense blends that i have smoked last about 45 minutes then about an hour of chill time.  So 15 minutes is not cutting it rack city bitch!  For my review i am going to say all this blend has going for it is the packing and the catchy name.  I mean rack city bitch, rack rack city.

But for a herbal potpourri spice, not worth the money. Not when there is other blends out there that are amazing.

Aroma 3/10  Not good.

Lasting 2/10 Weak

Packaging 8/10 Funny as hell, and hey who dont like chicks ass’s?

Mr. Nice Guy Qburnt Review

Now I have been a huge Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense fan for a long time now.  Then when I heard that Mr. Nice Guy Spice had came out with a 3rd generation called Mr. Nice Guy Qburnt I just knew that I had to order me some of that spice.  Crazy how I get so excited about new blends coming out.  But the fact is that Mr. Nice Guy has never let me down.  So I knew I had to get my hands on this 3rd generation blend fast.


Boy an I glade I did because this Qburnt hit the spot.  There is one little down fall that I have to let everyone know in this herbal spice reviews of Mr. Nice Guy Qburnt though.  The aroma is not exactly very great, but the effects of the spice are intense.  I love intense spice, that’s the shit I live for.  The strength and power more then makes up for this not so good aroma.

Now I am a herbal incense pro, so I want to let others out there no this is not for the weak at heart.  This spice is no joke, it is strong and I would not recommend this blend of spice for a first time smoker.  This blend is really for people that have been in the herbal incense game for a while.


Now I only ordered a one gram bag.  Not very big, I know what your thinking as I was thinking the same thing.  Please don’t be fooled by the weight.  This will send you falling to your feet, or tripping over your feet.  What ever comes first.  The intense feeling lasts for about 40 minutes and I did not smoke a bunch of it.  Now after that intense 40 minutes the feeling lasts about another hour of straight relaxation.  Not to bad I might say, Hold on one minute I am hitting my Qburnt herbal spice as I type this.  That’s how you write a real review, grab your stash and take a hit then write about that shit.  Hell yea, now for my final I would say this is a overall 8.5/10.  Reason why, the aroma not so good, but the effects, amazing.

Please note, first times please keep out!  You’re not welcome here, go practice up before you step in this package!





First lets start with how websites are marketing this herbal incense spice.  This is what they have to say,

Beat the oppressive DEA ban with our newly improved herbal incense!

This new formulation is legal throughout the U.S.A. and most countries worldwide. Now 50% stronger than the classic blends, 100% as potent as the originals, and as collectable as ever! Collect every pack to reveal the answer to Am-Hi-Co’s mystery question.

Now i am not sure your going to beat the DEA. I mean these are big words to come from any website. The website we came across claiming to beat the DEA just sounds like there asking for trouble. But anyway lets start off with our review of the product.

When we first got our package of herbal potpourri blend we ordered the TRIBAL WARRIOR GOLD HERBAL INCENSE.  This blend was packaged just like the photo above and comes in a sealed package.  Still there is not any way of knowing just what is really in this spice.  We decided to go with burning a small bowl of it since its our first time ever trying this blend.

Now with any herbal potpourri spice blend you burn for the first time you want to be careful with it.  Some are very strong and some will make you feel like crap.  This one was very week and did not really do the trick.  It was full of steams and the buds did not stick together well at all.  Really there was no buds, but the spice was very loose.

The two of use that were trying this TRIBAL WARRIOR GOLD HERBAL INCENSE for this review took 3 hits off our water bong and we started to feel a little something after a few minutes.  It did not last long and lucky for us we got it free for doing the review.  As always just cause someone sends us there product to write a review on.

We always want to thank them for doing that also.  Truth is that we are going to give an honest review.  If a product is not as good as others we have tried and reviewed. Let me just say i have tried over 200 different blends of spice.  I know what to expect and what blends are top of the line herbal incense. This blend is missing something and was not something i would write home to mom about.

We got this from a spike website.  On there website they are charging $27.99 for a bag of this spice.  Please dont waist your money on it.  Sometimes you just get a bad blend, and this was one of them times.

Aroma 3/10 – not really any aroma to this blend.

Cost 1/10 Way over priced for weak spice. ( at retail price)

Blend 4/10 Was very loose with some steams and no buds.


How to choose a herbal incense review blog or website


First lets get down to the basics. If you visit a blog or website for herbal incense and its full of banners and ads and a ton of google ads. Well now you know why that blog posts tons of content.  There is only one reason to get traffic and make money off ads.

So when your searching google for herbal incense reviews and the best website to find reviews on herbal spice like k2, mad hatter, jonny Clearwater, code black and others make sure you look at these things.

Does the site have tons of ads?

Are the reviews written by real people or did someone hire some guy to write 300 words for 5 bucks to get content and traffic to the site?

Is the site full of useful information and news about herbal incense?

If your looking for a real review site wrote by several people that not only use herbal incense but write real reviews about spice then “Welcome to Your New Home”.

At our website we don’t have tons of spam and ads. This is a free website that makes no money. Its just a cool website to inform users about the herbal incense world and all the top blends and even the shitty blends of spice.

We have several users that submit content to our website for your review.  Matter of fact anyone that wants to write about an experience about legal highs herbal potpourri can.  All you have to do is write it and submit it to us, our staff will read it make sure its quality content and post to our website right away.

Now as you know quality content is king. That’s why we will review your review and make sure it meets our websites guide lines.  While we don’t care if it’s a good review or bad. We are not hear to judge on others experience with herbal incense.

As a matter of fact we also post news about the dangers of herbal incense and legal highs.  We are just an information stream of live news and reviews. We want to be your one stop shop for all the information about herbal potpourri and news.

You can give us your review and we will post it. No need to worry if you don’t want to put your name on the review or just a first name that fine with us.  Hope you enjoy our website and find the information your looking for.

First TIme I Smoked Herbal Incense Spice

It all started with the sound of thunder.  Then the rain started to slam down from the sky and the storm began.  My friends Mike and Sara were over and we were stuck in the house since the rain was coming down and it was about 11 pm on a weeknight so there was not much to do.

My friend Sara asked me if I wanted to try some Herbal Incense or Spice.  I asked her what the heck she was talking about.  I mean wait you want me to smoke incense?  Don’t you burn that shit to make the house smell good?  As I say this, her and Mike just start laughing there ass off at me. Guess now I am the fool.

Me and my 2 friends smoking legal incense spice

Well I had smoked pot for years and always loved it but had quite smoking it several months back so I thought ok what the heck.  We all went in to my room and Sara pulled out this shiny package of herbal spice that had not yet been cracked open.

On the bag it said KUSH, First thing I thought was shit, they have bags of Kush now? What the heck is going on?   So she cut the top on the bag and poured the herbal spice on to our home made rolling tray.  Well book, but  we used it as a tray – shit it’s all we had.

Mike grabbed the rolling papers out of his back pocket and threw them across the room to Sara to roll up a fatty.  Now this is not your average fatty, it’s a fat joint of herbal incense spice. Kush herbal incense spice to be correct.

So she rolled up that kush and then passed it to me to due the honors of lighting up this bad boy.  First I am thinking ok this is going to be bull shit since its some sort of legal high.  I mean really she said she bought this at a gas station; the only high I ever got from a gas station was off a 4 pack of red bull.

I looked over at her and said “Hey does this Herbal Incense stuff show up in a drug test?”  Sara said NO, and again her and Mike start laughing their ass off at me.  I mean really I guess I am the joke of the night, and we have not even started smoking yet.

So I say ok guys enough, Let’s light up this fat joint of herbal incense spice and see what it’s all about.  At this time I have to tell you I was really thinking, “This is crazy”.

I light up the joint and took a long hard pull off it just as I would have treated a joint of hydro weed.  Then I held it in for several seconds and got that herbal taste in my lungs and exhaled the smoke. Nothing yet, I pass to Mike then wait to get the joint back in my hands for a second hit.  So I wind up smoking this entire joint with these two and by the time we are finished with it I am starting to feel something.


Ok, about five minutes has passed since my first hit.  You know how it takes longer to smoke when your in the circle with two others that want to hit it, then talk and tell you a damn five minute storey between each hit.  Most of the time its that storey that you have already heard from your friend 10 times and you can always finish for them.  Yea well this was one of them nights.  I am thinking to my self just hit the fucking joint and pass it to me.  Puff – Puff – Pass.  That’s the code that works, lets make that happen.

I know your thinking wait, first you did not even want to try it – had no clue what it even was. But now you want to hit it again and in a hurry.  Yes I know that is just from all my years of weed smoking and not fucking up the rotation of the joint passing.

So back to the review I would say about five minutes I started to feel really relaxed.  Mike and Sara were cracking jokes telling stories and we had a blast.  We were all super stoned or herbal high or legal high.  I am not sure the proper lingo of explaining I am stoned off some incense spice from the 7 eleven gas station.  Just sounds crazy as hell to even me.  But it is what it is.

I can tell you this herbal incense does work and it’s a great way to have a good time and relax and laugh with your friends.  I don’t know much about all the different types out there but we were smoking jonny Clearwater herbal incense spice.

After that first time smoking it I have bought some online myself a few times. Well honestly I make sure I pretty much never run out.  It’s pretty cheap stuff and I have to say you don’t feel like shit the next day and if you don’t smoke its not like weed where you feel as strung out and have that feeling like you “Have to Smoke”.

Anyway next time Mike and Sara come over I have a huge surprise for them. I bought some extra herbal incense online and its flavored.  Yea buddy its jonny Clearwater mango and I think there going to love it.

Oh, funny thing so the next day I went to that seven eleven and wanted to buy my own little baggie of herbal spice and the clerk told me that they stopped selling it. I was thinking are you fucking kidding me.  That’s why I had to go online and order it.  There is a ton of websites out there but I use http://someincense.com I found there the best priced and also have the largest selection on herbal incense.  I have never had a problem with an order and now I bet I have ordered from them 8 times.

Hope you enjoyed my review and hope you like Mike and Sara got a good laugh at me.  Thanks for reading and if you have any herbal spices I must try please leave a comment of your favorite I am always looking for new blends to review and smoke.