Spice: Not Just Phony Weed

Drug agents say the descriptor of “synthetic marijuana” is no longer sufficient in a culture of ever-evolving analog drugs like Spice.

“It’s much more along the lines of an LSD type of drug, a hallucinogenic,” says Madison-Morgan Counterdrug Team member Sergeant Dewayne McCarver, “Very dangerous, it’s nothing like marijuana.”

Deborah Soule, executive director of Huntsville’s Partnership for a Drug-free Community says she has seen the evolution as well. Soule says the flashy, colorful packaging markets straight to young people and says parental involvement is paramount.

You’ve heard of Joe Camel?,” asks Soule, “he seduced kids with tobacco, it’s the same thing happening all over again and kids are seduced by the color the creativity and they really believe its harmless. Kids think they are infallible and that nothing is ever going to happen to them and that’s why it’s so important to have discipline and guidance from the family.”

Drug agents are cracking down hard on spice following recent legislation that stipulated more chemicals as illegal, but Soule says it’s so serious, if parents turn a blind eye to the chemical poisons, they may well be planning a funeral.

“Kids just don’t understand the power of addiction!”

The DEA calls Spice a “potent poison” and drug agent compare the synthetic drug as being one chemical away from the ingredients in insect spray.

2 thoughts on “Spice: Not Just Phony Weed

  1. damn it,legalize pot or chill on the herbals,This still is AMERICA right? weed is harmless but illegal[and you piss hot] so we are going to get buzzed like it or not,its up to the system what extremes we have to go to.

  2. and yet everybody smoke camels, they are legal in america, you are a retard news commentator, more people die from cigarettes and alcohol then any other thing, stop trying to blow up stupid nonsense lies so that sheep will believe you. that is communism, you are the reason why america has gone wrong, people like you corrupting media with lies that sell, why don’t you focus on other things that kill people like drinking and driving, tobacco it cetera, sorry that you are a moron and I hate your article

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