Scooby Snax Herbal Incense Review

When the Fun Loving Criminals were “Running around robbing banks all wacked off of Scooby Snacks”, I do not think they were thinking of this happy little blend from! Scooby Snax rather should be conjuring up images of food piled high, sharing it with your best bud while trying to avoid as much work as possible! I once tried this product that must have been a bad batch because it ended up leaving an aftertaste of fish behind that was foul. In the interest of science however, I am always willing to try something again, with the optimism that I will be proven wrong. WHEW! I am glad I did… the pre-burnt aroma is fruity, fun- matches the colorful tie-dyed package with Scooby on the front. The herbal blend is fluffy and light, and compacts well into the burner. The blend itself has a few sticks in it, but nothing that would ruin your day.
When lit, the herbal blend gives off copious amounts of thick smoke that is very pleasant and long-lasting. Not harsh at all, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how long each light lasts you- upwards of 20 minutes per light. Beginner to expert incense burners will not be disappointed in this one! There’s no mystery as to why Scooby has that look on his face- this is a fun herbal blend that goes well with music, friends, or just enjoying the little things in life around you.  Any  incense enthusiast could not go wrong adding this to their collection of daily blends. Since the herbal blend they are using seems so fluffy and light, it is an extremely versatile blend for all types of incense burners!

6 thoughts on “Scooby Snax Herbal Incense Review

  1. I know someone who just tried it, and their face is swollen beyond belief. Even the Chemist Dr John Huffman does not endorse these products to be injested!! For those of you who think this is still fun, a quick trip to the local hospital ER will surely cure you. If you make it that far. People are making money off stupidity. Most people who try this are, and they have “Your” money. This should be banned.

  2. Yea I bought 3 bags from and (it seems) their sister site and they both were the WORST Crap I ever recieved! Dry, full of sticks, and the aroma did absolutly Nothing. The leaves on the ground in my yard would have been better! Stay away from them 2 sites. They never responded back and in my opinion they are ripping people off. Look for Scooby Snax by “wild incense”. Their strawberry will leave you giggling. : )

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