Four arrested in Herbal Incense – Spice Drug Raid

MENOMINEE, Mich. – A drug bust in Menominee, Michigan is putting a tough new law to the test.

Police raided Ma’s Smoke Shop Monday night, because it was allegedly selling packets of synthetic marijuana.

A new state law banning the possession and sale of the drug went into effect last week.

It goes by many names including sour diesel and brain freeze.

“Bottom line is money. And people do a lot of crazy things for money. Obviously they are going to sell this with the risk of getting caught,” said Brett Botbyl, Menominee Police Chief.

This synthetic marijuana is part of an investigation that led police to Ma’s Smoke Shop in downtown Menominee.

Police executed a search warrant here Monday night.

“We arrested four people for possession, or possession with the intent to deliver the synthetic form of marijuana known as K2, or spice,” said Botbyl.

Police say more arrests could be on the way.

“We’re working with the prosecutor’s office to seek additional warrants for two additional people on this,” said Botbyl.

“The first night search warrant we seized hundreds of packets. Subsequent search warrant that we performed last night at the storage unit, we seized in excess of 450 packets,” said Botbyl.

Three men and one woman were taken to jail. Charges have not yet been filed, but authorities say the suspects could face serious time behind bars.

“Possession is a two-year felony; delivery is a seven-year felony. That’s just an example of how serious the legislature is taking this,” said Dan Hass, prosecuting attorney.

Hass says K2 is more than a concern.

“I would say it it’s reached epidemic proportions,” said Hass.

Hass says the new law will give his office an advantage in the courtroom.

“Hopefully we can get this stuff off the streets. It’s a bad drug,” said Hass.

Meanwhile, crime tape encircles this building. Police have changed the locks, and Ma’s Smoke Shop is closed for business.

Samples have been sent to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab in Marquette.

Prosecutors are waiting for police reports and recommendations before they file any charges.

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