Scooby Snax Strawberry Herbal Incense Spice Review

Scooby Snax Strawberry (4 grams ea.)

Scooby Snax Strawberry Herbal Spice Incense 4 Gram Bag

I wonder if originality in packaging is dead for the herbal incense market, or if it’s just the old adage that scooby doo really is the face of herbal incense, pushing and shoving its way into my favorite market.  Either way, I’m not here to judge the designer’s choice to don the front of a packet of Scooby Snax Strawberry herbal spice.
Still, props will go out to the first incense that comes across my table sporting the naked silhouette of a cartoon like betty boop.  I’m not even sure what they would name that incense – but one thing is for sure – this Scooby Snax has left me feeling relaxed, and now I think I’d rather like someone to take me home, but alas, I’m already there.  Should you join me?  Well, let’s see…
Scooby Snax is green; in fact it’s super green when I dump it out on a plate to inspect it.  The plant matter itself is twig free and fluffy; it definitely has a soft feeling to it.  I’m impressed with the color already, such a distinct difference from the bright sunset orange of the packaging.  Sticky to the touch, I’m rather curious what’s in this – the back of the package tells me what’s not in it, and that’s pretty much everything.  The scent is fruity and flowery, and one I’ve smelled before, hinting that the package contains herbs that are nothing new, but still, it smells fresh.  It’s definitely reminiscent of it’s sister blend, Scooby Snax Herbal Spice (non Flavored), another 50 state legal blend.
I pinch an average amount into my incense burner, lite it up, and lean back as I wait for the aroma to fill the air.  A few minutes pass.  I can definitely feel the aroma beginning to relax me, my muscles loosening, my shoulders dipping.  I find that the headache I’d been carrying around has become relatively unnoticeable, though it still persists.  I actually feel like meditating, doing yoga, writing poetry…something quiet, soft, and calm.  I feel good, peaceful and happy, but not overly euphoric.  I’d say that, although this isn’t a super strength incense, it is more potent than its sister blend The Natural.  As more minutes pass, I accept that this blend is a milder one, but still worthwhile for the cost, I picked mine up at pretty cheaply.    As a newer 50 state legal blend, it’ll be safe from the upcoming federal ban, so expect to see more of these newer incense blends around in the coming months.
Stength: 8.5/10
Duration: 8/10 (about 55 minutes)
Aroma: 8/10
Overall: 8.5

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