New Tact, New Ingredients, for Fake Pot Dealers

If you were thinking your teen was picking up a quaint love of herbal sachets from your Great Aunt Muriel, think again.

The drug dealers, finally realizing that no one is going to believe they are selling “potpourri” in one gram packages to perfume your home, have begun marketing their product as “herbal sachet refills.”

One enterprising drug dealer even promises a free “sachet bag” with each order to, “place on a guest-room pillow or hang around your neck to repel or attract spirits.”

Isn’t that nice?  Won’t your guests be impressed with their “herbal sachet” sprayed with the latest poison of choice?  With such calming names as
“Funkey Monkey,” “Alien Technology,” and “Killa Gorilla,” your guests will feel right at home!

All sarcasm aside, this is dangerous.  Before President Obama’s signature has even wet the paper of the Synthetic Drug and Prevention Act of 2012, whole new classes of drugs are hitting the internet.

According to a Mansfield, OH police press release, new synthetic cannabinoid compounds such as AKB48, URB754, 5-fluoro UR-144, UR-144 and URB602 were identified in these “sachet refills.”

These are new synthetic cannabinoids. No one knows the physiological and toxicological properties of these new drugs.

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