POTENCY / STRENGTH: Premium/Strong
AROMA / FLAVOR: Skunk Weed
PRICE: 16.99 3 Grams
LEGAL: Yes, not all states

Our Score


Today we have a stanky post, courtesy of spice smokers and their new in-house blend skunk. This is definitely a unique blend when compared to anything else we have reviewed here, it actually smells like a real skunk! It’s awful…yet so much like real skunk-weed I’m overwhelmed by the urge to roll a blunt or pack a bong with it.

Strong, very potent stuff here as you might imagine… they really hit the nail on the head flavoring this one as the high is a perfect match for what you are going to expect after you smell it. This is one of those blends you are either going to love it or hate it… it kinda reminds me of Jägermeister, tastes like shit, but you know your gonna be fucked up.

I wouldn’t put it past those crazy fuckers at spice smokers to run around at night catching smelly creatures in order to capture that perfect aroma for their blends… This Skunk packs a punch with a sweet weed like after-taste. I like it, and highly recommend at least trying it once. Paired with a tasty wrap, Skunk is in my top5 favorite blends ever.

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