Got this ugly package in the mail today. Opened up the box and found a small plastic bag with markings of a light white skull that looks like its smoke. You can see from the image that is posted in this blog.  The main color of the package is black and has white letter markings saying AFTERLIFE.

I opened up the package and was going to take the afterlife herbal incense and roll it up in a joint.  But i found out that i was out of rolling papers.  So i looked into the next room and went though my desk and found one pipe.  I aslo have a bong but i wanted to use my little glass pipe to smoke the afterlife herbal incense since this is my first time ever trying this type of legal high herbal incense.

Once i got the glass pipe all clean and opened up my bag of afterlife herbal incense i packed the pipe and then searched for my lighter to fire up this herbal blend.  I took my first hit and was like damn this taste like “Shit”.  The scent was very strong and tasted like i went in my moms kitchen and stole her cooking herbs.  This is some really crappy herbal incense.

So i just smoked this afterlife herbal incense and now sitting on my macbook pro to write this review for herbal incense reviews website.  I am just a fan of the website and found them last week and asked the admin if i could write a few reviews since i smoke a ton of herbal incense.

I am more then sure everyone how reads this will know its not written by a writer, but shit let me tell you this is the worst herbal spice i could have smoked to write a review on.  The problem is that it is the only thing i ordered and got in the mail today.  Many times once we start to smoke a blend of herbal incense we never want to change.  I would say its like people who smoke newport cigerates they never buy a pack of palmall’s.

I buy most of my herbal spice from this blend i did not i got from a different website.   Most of the time when i order from somenewincense i buy the Scooby Snax an also the Mad Hatter.  The Mad Hatter is amazing and burns alot slower and have less of a hashness to it when your burning it.  So i was asked to put a star rating from 1-10 on this blend of afterlife.

Thats not as easy to do as one my think.  Here is why, as i did not like it. After i smoked it i did get high.  It lastest about 25 min and seemed to be very short to me, but i was not super messed up therefor i would have to give it a 5/10.  Reason i am placing my rating so low is that i just have smoked so many better herbal incense blends that rocked the socks off my feet.  I have smoked the 10’s an this is not one of them.

Hope you enjoyed my review.  Have a great day!