Police make major synthetic drug, gun bust in Mt. Pocono, Coolbaugh


After months of investigation, police in the Poconos say they’ve made a major drug bust at two local stores.

Officials executed two warrants Friday at the Old Village Trader in Mt. Pocono as well as Stogies Smoke Shop in Tobyhanna, according to police.

Mt. Pocono Region Police

In the search, police say they found the Old Village Trader was selling quantities of synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia, as well as possessing prohibited weapons. Police found over 50 stun guns, 77 glass pipes and 20 pairs of brass knuckles among other items in the store, according to officials.

The store’s owner, Vincent April, 54, of Mount Pocono, was arrested on charges of possession and intent to sell drugs as well as criminal conspiracy. Charges are also pending against a store employee, Vanessa D’Elia, 23, of Tannersville.

All together police seized $1870 worth of synthetic marijuana, $1740 worth of drug paraphernalia and $1635 worth of weapons, officials say.

Later that day, officers executed a second warrant at Stogies Smoke Shop and found the store to be selling large amounts of synthetic marijuana along with other drug related items, police say.

Police say the investigation led them to a nearby home belonging to the store’s owners in Tobyhanna that was used as a “warehouse” for other drugs as well as firearms.

Store owners, Mohammed Feroz Khan, 32, and Abdullah Jabri, 38, both of East Stroudsburg, along with two employees, Farrukh Daniel, 46, of Tobyhanna and Mohammed Afroz Khan, 25, of East Stroudsburg, are facing a variety charges in connection with the bust, according to police. All four will be charged with criminal conspiracy and intent to distribute drugs.

At the store officials reportedly seized more than 90 scales, 415 “crack pipes”, 544 packages of synthetic marijuana, along with two hand guns, a shotgun and three rifles in the operation.

Overall, police took nearly $14,000 worth of synthetic drugs and $17,834 worth of paraphernalia being sold at the store.

5 thoughts on “Police make major synthetic drug, gun bust in Mt. Pocono, Coolbaugh

  1. Annie, why don’t you for once in your life leave your stupid race card out of these discussions? Can’t you see that no one on this thread is talking about “race” but annie? You have to inject your bitter hatred of the White race into every single piece of drivel you write, because it’s what you are! It’s who you are! It’s what you’re made of, and what you were ‘trained’ to do since you became sentient at about age 7. You show your pathetic ignorance of the subject matter of these articles by never actually commenting on the topic at hand, choosing instead to sling racist, dim-witted insults at other posters. If people speaking their minds bothers you so much, why are you here? Why don’t you go-on down to the nearest ‘hair’ salon, and get some braids, or a ‘jheri curl’, or something? And if you want to read positive comments about your ‘people’, perhaps you should do something positive to help that happen. You could start by asking your brethren to stop robbing people, for example. Think about it for a moment. If you were White, and every time you looked at this site you are ‘greeted’ with a sea of black faces connected with local crime, what would you think? How could you possibly have anything ‘good’ to say about ‘people’ who commit 94 percent of all crimes, and nearly 100 percent of all violent crimes? Don’t like the stigma? Then stop whining, throwing-out the race card, and do something to remove it! Have you ever once noticed that every time you see a black man’s face in an article, it’s about a crime? It’s never about something ‘good’ he did, or, some noteworthy accomplishment he attained, but always about some filthy crime he committed. Why is this ‘our’ fault? Did we manufacture these stories, and put them on this site? Why don’t you place blame where it belongs for once, and stop blaming the White man for your race’s bad behavior?

  2. This is nothing but a police state, when they can confiscate a completely legal product, (spice) based on some ‘bendable’ technicality in state statute. It is just another way for police state agents (cops) to raid, confiscate, and then arrest and put huge ‘fines’ on people to keep the city coffers filled. We the people of the United States need to stand-up, stomp our feet down hard, and say, “enough!”. “We’re not taking this schit anymore”! Really, people, if a stop isn’t put to these intrusions into our lives and our freedoms, our rights will continue to be whittled-away, until finally, we will literally be slaves to the ‘state’. It’s headed in that direction fast, and the reason it is, is because the ‘state’ has discovered that ‘we’ will lie down, and take anything they throw at us, just like we’re nothing but dogs on a leash. Look at some of the garbage they have thrown at us, while we bow-down, and lick their hand and say, yes-sir, we will obey. To start, lets look at the ‘good-ole’ ‘seat belts’, and, ‘kiddie car seat’ ‘laws’ that were rammed straight-down our collective throats, without even asking our opinion, much-less allowing us to vote on them! Some of you are old enough to remember how easy it ‘used’ to be to drive your car. You go out, open the car door, start the engine, and go. If you had kids, you said, “jump in the back kids, and don’t be frolicking to much back there.” Now, you have to carry a ‘check-list’ just to make sure you’ll be driving ‘legally’, every stinking time you go anywhere. If you have kids, it ‘really’ complicates matters because you have to know exactly what they ‘weigh’, how ‘tall’ they are, etc., so you’ll know exactly what kind of ‘car seat(s)’, or, depending on age/weight, “booster seat(s) to get, and if these things are not attached exactly right, (they will be checked, if you get stopped!) it’s ticket time! And, what if you have more (or get more!) than 2 kids? Ooops! Guess how many seat belts are in the back seat of a small to medium sized sedan? What this means is, if you have 2 small kids, and wifey gets knocked-up, (again) you’re not only going to have to pay the huge cost of another childbirth, (including hospital bills, doctor bills, meds, etc. etc.) but you’re gonna have to buy another (larger) vehicle (like an SUV) that will accommodate the kiddies! Then you’ll have to buy more car seats/booster seats, pay huge gasoline bills just to drive the hulking truck, etc. And what about this mandatory car insurance law? Let me ask you something. As an adult, don’t you have enough sense to make an informed decision about what if any car insurance you may need to drive you vehicle? Do you really need to be “forced” under penalty of law (indeed, not being able to drive at all!) to make such a decision for you and your family? Also, do you really need to be “forced” under penalty of law to wear a friggin’ seat belt, or, to strap all your kids into expensive, and complicated ‘car seats’, ‘booster seats’, etc., etc., and then face roadblocks of cops just waiting with their ticket books to cite you for something not being ‘buckled’ correctly, etc.? Personally, I’m d a m n e d sick and tired of all this state-sponsored tyranny, and I want every low-down stinking bit of it repealed! My safety and the safety of my wife (and if our kids were small, their safety also!) are our own business, and our own responsibility. We do not want nor do we need some police state forcing us to protect ourselves inside our friggin’ vehicle, and it’s high-time these unconstitutional intrusions into our personal rights and freedoms be stopped once and for all. Every low-down one of these (money raking) ‘laws’ were drafted behind closed-door sessions of the legislature, summarily passed, and signed into law by the governor without so much as a whisper to the public until the ‘new laws’ were suddenly announced, along with the date they would become effective. This is all boolschit, and needs to be stopped. Since they got away ‘scot-free’ with ramming all these garbage laws down our gullets, you have ask yourselves, how far will they go? They take advantage of every opportunity to create new ‘laws’ to grab more ticket money from already struggling struggling motorists. Cell-phone use, for example. Boy, it didn’t take them long to grab onto that one, did it? (Illegal to send a text while driving, and, not talking on a cell AT ALL is on the way! Wait and see!) The state has a team of ‘law-crafters’ working day and night to come-up with new (ticket) laws to put on drivers, because, guess what, they can! Get your heads out of your keisters, people, and see what is being done to us by the people who are supposed to be OUR SERVANTS. Send letters to your Representative, state senator, the governor, etc., and let them know that we don’t want their forced ‘protection’, and ask them to repeal all these oppressive (and costly!) (for us!) laws. They (these stupid laws!) were crafted to make money for state and local governments at our expense, and have absolutely nothing to do with our ‘safety’. Their propaganda campaigns touting the ‘safety’, and, ‘life-saving’ advantages of using ‘seat belts’, ‘kiddie car seats’, ‘motorcycle helmets’, etc., are designed to make us more ‘submissive’ to their tyrannous laws. Ask yourselves, what will be next? Neck braces? Crash helmets? Mandatory fireproof clothing while driving? No-more CD players / radios in cars, or, no smoking in cars, etc.? Do you think anything is impossible? Think again!

  3. Wow Rev. Just WOW! To take an article that was talking about a gambling bust and turn it into all things “ticket” is just amazing.

    Owning, driving and insuring (or not) a vehicle is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution (at least last I checked, but who knows what the Magic Moron has waved his wand at of late), but what the State refers to as a privelidge.

    Granting of said privelidge comes with a certain number of that funny thing called “Responsibilities”. Whether or not that word is foreign to you, you would be well advised to not only learn it, but to live it.

    And, allowing people to decide whether or not to drive with Insurance is what’s lead to an over-abundance of the “One call, that’s all” tribe. Am I to assume that you think that a good thing?

    Get your ticket for the short bus while there’s still room.

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