Drug bust finds synthetic marijuana

Spice Drug Bust Herbal Incense

Four people have been released on bond after police served a search warrant at a home to find suspects attempting to sell synthetic marijuana known as K-2.

The bust happened at a home in the 1800 block of Parry Street in Beaumont last Thursday.

Narcotics officers say they seized just under a pound of the drug along with a pistol.

The news startles neighbors on Berkley Street which is just a block down from the home where the drugs were found.

People there say they want the drug operation gone because such an operation only draws more crime.

” It could bring guns, fighting, breaking in. It’s not safe, your not safe even behind locked doors,” 40 year resident Verna Payton said.

Chief Ron Hobbs with Jefferson County Narcotics says the synthetic marijuana also poses a problem though the way it affects the person who uses it by causing paranoia and erratic behavior.

But Chief Hobbs assures the citizens of Beaumont that his department will continue to fight the good fight to keep the drug off the street.

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