Columbus Police bust third business in one week for illegal gambling

 COLUMBUS, GA –    Columbus Police raid a third business in less than a week for illegal gambling.

Gurminder Singh (Source: Muscogee Co. Jail)Gurminder Singh (Source: Muscogee Co. Jail)

By Sara Belsole
Undercover agents raided Lucky Food Mart  on 13th Avenue around nine Monday morning after receiving tips of suspected illegal gambling.

Officials say the agents received a cash prize from the store’s gambling machines, which makes them illegal under Georgia law.

Agents seized nine gambling machines and 100 packets of synthetic marijuana or spice. But officials say that type of spice is still legal.

“The spice that we seized and had it sent to the crime lab and it is what you would consider spice, it is a type of compound that is yet not illegal in the state of Georgia. However it is a compound that comes under an emergency rule adopted by the Georgia Board of Pharmaceuticals on June 11 that allows law enforcement to seize the compound,” Captain Gil Slouchick says.

23-year-old Gurminder Singh was charged with commerical gambling, possession of tools during the commission of a crime and communicating gambling information.

Police raided Sunny’s Food Mart and Steam Mill Road Food Mart last week. Officials say Lucky’s does not have the same owners as the other businesses.

So far, no arrests in this case, but officials say they expect to make some soon.

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