Synthetic drugs still available in local stores


While some synthetic drugs are banned, the NBC2 Investigators uncovered others are still sold at local convenience stores – and they’re pretty easy to find.

Spice and K-2 – while there is no clear list of ingredients, we found stories and people willing to sell us plenty of it.

It’s completely legal and big money makers for those who sell it.

The popular herbal incense – popular with teens – can cause rapid heart rates, high blood pressure, hallucinations and even seizures when smoked.

We found plenty of examples of how easily accessible the drug is to kids.

One gas station we stopped at didn’t sell it, but two people in line at the checkout counter offered us a phone number of a guy they claimed makes it himself and could sell it for a low as $5 a bag.

I’m not crazy about it, but there’s always going to be something for kids to do that’s going to be harmful,” said Deb Comella, with the Coalition for a Drug Free Southwest Florida.

She says past efforts to ban the incense have failed.

“There are some formulas that are banned, and there are some formulas that are legal,” she said. “They change the formula and it’s marked ‘not for human consumption.'”

But some smoke shops, like the Purple Ringer, refuse to sell it at all – saying they don’t want to sell an unnatural product.

“We’ve had a lot of excellent merchants who have refused to sell them and we’re hoping we can involve the other merchants,” Comella said.

Drug prevention experts say the best way to stop your kid from using these over-the-counter drugs is to research it yourself and make sure you know the latest trends in drug use.

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