Herbal Incense Smoking it while writing Review

Now I know I said I was going to get a girl to do this review, this is k2 herbal incense and its not for human consumption   a lot of people have been asking me if this is safe to try.  All this herbal incense is a herbs and give cancer people to eat and help them.

This is my 2nd time trying this and let me tell you this is really good.  Now I know your reading this and you cant see what I see but the herbs are mostly green a bit mushy and no steams no leaves and it smells really good, now I am about to roll it with my hundred dollar bill now to start to smoke it

I love this cause it smells so great.  I smoke my primo joints and I do have a girl here smoking with me its my older sister and she has never tried herbal incense before – she has tried weed though.  Yes we have a first time smoker in the house.

I am a freak, ok lets light this baby up.  I smoke a shit load of herbal incense and let me tell you this is one of the best.  On with the show.  I’m a little bit tipsy to cause I been drinking that beer all damn day! Yea buddy lets fire up with fat joint.  One thing I noticed about smoking joints of herbal incense is that they will run, you have to watch the joint cause they burn very fast.  Just make sure you keep one eye on that right there.

Taking my first hit now and passing to my sister and she is now hitting that bad boy and on her 2nd toke, it is smooth and does not make her cough.  This shit burns fast and it only takes a minute for us to get though this joint.  Me and my girl – my x is telling me I cant see my kid anymore. So I sent her a text telling her I miss her cooking and that bull shit.  Anyway but fuck – hate my x wife what a bitch.  My sister is saying that she don’t know if she likes it.  Little strong for her.  Now we are smoking this entire joint of this shit.  She now says that thing is very good, my fucking state is about to ban this shit.

So from us we both say thumbs up.  It’s a fucking home run at the ball park and over the fence.  This is the grand slam of high, the super toke of bye.  Hit this shit and your gonna be fucking high.

–submitted by one of our fans from our site…. (Staff)

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