Effects Of k2 incense

Anyone who uses K2 herbal incense and other related products should definitely learn the K2 incense effects beforehand. K2 incense blends are herbal blends that are said to have the same effects as marijuana. Herbal incense blends have been used for centuries for various beneficial purposes but has been used in different form lately. Consumers are turning to these herbal products as substitutes to weed.

These products have even been coined the name “Legal Buds”, amongst many consumers and manufacturers. This fad has continued to grow into a worldwide epidemic because these herbal substances seem to being fulfilling this purpose. These blends are created with common marijuana names and even produced or flavored to mimic certain stands of marijuana.

What are the K2 incense effects and what chemicals are being used? JWH-018 and two other synthetic cannaabinoids have been noted to be the main ingredients in these herbal smoke blends. The JWH-018 compound was created by a college professor by the name of John Huffman in the mid 1990’s. These chemicals are thought to be the main reason users achieve the elevating feeling. After modifications to meet the DEA’s banned on these synthetic compounds, herbal incense manufacturers continue to sell these products at alarming rates.

So how do you use these herbal incense blends? When using K2 incense products you do not need to inhale the herbal smoke directly as done with marijuana.With a quality herbal incense blend the only thing you’d have to do is inhale these products from the air around you. These herbs are said to provide relaxing effects that are similar to marijuana in some ways and different in their own ways.

The media, news articles and manufacturers may lead you to think that these K2 incense products are exactly like marijuana, but they’re many differences between the two. The first difference in these two herbs in the way that they are consumed. As mentioned earlier, you do not have to puff on these herbal incense blends like you would with weed or tobacco. You simply need to be in the same vicinity of the burning incense in order to feel the effects.

Some of the common k2 incense effects include paranoia, nausea, short-term memory loss, headaches, vomiting, seizures and in some cases periods of unconsciousness.

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