Drug Testing For K2 Herbal Spice Incense

With all of the positive and negative reviews regarding K2 and other herbal smoke blends, we can come to the conclusion that these products are not Cannabis, they don’t contain THC. With that being said, you would believe that after you smoke these herbs, your drug test should come back clean. It is true that these K2 products are legal and do not contain any of the pending controlled substances. Another fact to keep in mind is that these synthetic cannabinoids that were used in production are not in the same family as THC.

I am a regular K2 and Space Cadet herbal incense smoker and I recently had to take a professional drug screening for a job interview. The weird thing about taking this test was that my drug test results were inconclusive. This means that there were traces of THC in my system but not enough to set off a positive reaction in the drug screening. Inaccurate drug screening tests or home drug tests may take this inconclusive data and take this as a positive result for THC. You also have to remember that every human body is different so your personal results will vary.

I say that this test was inconclusive because the test results were not definite. The test that I took had a faint (barely noticeable) in the THC section. Most standard drug screening tests search for other drugs such as Cocaine, PCP and many other controlled substances. To be honest, my test results could have been read as positive depending on how you read the results. With inconclusive results such as mine, the drug screening test would probably lead to a full blown blood test for more definite conclusions.

If you already use these herbal incense products or are on the fence about using this herbal blends as alternatives to marijuana, make sure you don’t have any drug test scheduled. The truth is that none of us truly know what compounds are being used in these smoking blends. These herbal incense blends are not intended to be smoked only inhaled so you are already taking a risk by doing so. On another note, if you have a scheduled drug screening test for employment or are currently on probation, it may be a good idea to avoid these products altogether.

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