AK47 Herbal Incense

AK47 Herbal Incense (1.5 grams ea.)

AK47 Herbal Incense

This bad ass multiple shot herbal incense is top of the line.  Like GOLD?  Cause this is gold all the way, with a black packaging and ak 47’s blessing the murdered out package of this herbal incense spice your sure to get a shoot of the strongest blend.  Question is, due you have a kick ass bong or killa rolling papers to pack this herb into?

Want to shoot your self in the foot and give it a try?  Well we have a inside tip on just where you can order this AK 47 herbal legal spice incense and its cheap as shit on the price.

This will not kill ya pocket.

Shoot just click here

6 thoughts on “AK47 Herbal Incense

  1. DO NOT SMOKE IT….makes u have a very bad trip….would not recommend to anyone!!!!! My boyfriend n I smoked it n we were loosing our minds. U get shakey n cold and shit….not even kidding.

    • no just make sure you dont smoke it out of a pipe that that has been used for weed just buy a new pipe and only smoke spice out of it you will not fail

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