So there is a lot of talk about these herbal incense spice drugs and legal highs in the USA.  If you are wondering how to buy herbal incense  or maybe even what it could possibly be that produces a legal herbal high, you’ve come to the right place.  We have several writers on this blog that bring a ton of information about herbal incense spice to you.  From where to buy – what to try – where not to go, to whats the deal about potpourri products.  We are your number one information stream for all the herbal incense reviews.
The best herbal incense  include a variety of herbs and plants from around the world that have been shown both scientifically and experientially to produce a legal buds high similar to the effects of tobacco or marijuana. Some of the herbs and plants included in the best legal buds might be:

• jonny clearwater •  mad hatter herbal incense •  caution herbal spice •  k2 incense •  scooby snax herbal spice •  and many more.

Now, although you could possibly herbal incense  at a buds shop or “head shop” as they are known, your best bet is probably the internet. That’s because you have a much greater selection available to you, and they will ship the herbal incense  right to your door (usually for free).  We found a great website called that offers top of the line blends of spice and super fast shipping.  They are one of the biggest names in the herbal incense industry backed by

If you are in search of a bargain, there are always legal herbal buds sales going on (buy 3 grams today get one gram for free!!!). Certain brands are sort of like a legal herbal buds sale every day, because they are so economically priced while still delivering the power to the right place.

Then again, if you are looking for cheap herbal incense  you can try that buds shop to see what they’ve got in stock, but generally speaking trying to lowball the headshop owner to get cheap herbal incense  will leave you with a very unsatisfied feeling. That’s because it’s not very likely you will experience much of a legal herbal high from the cheapest buds money can buy.  Now if your looking to resell herbal incense and buy it for the lowest price and make a ton of money then you need to know where to buy the best.

The best wholesale dealer of herbal incense is going to be here 

No, although it will mean you have to wait for your herbal incense to come in the mail, the best place to buy herbal incense  is online, where you have the best selection at the best price sold directly from the vendors to you. It’s like fresh fish; the freshest stuff is the best, and the stuff that’s been sitting on the counter for years isn’t likely to smell very good.

You might notice that some of websites selling legal herbs also sell things like legal herb extract or essence, usually in a dropper-style bottle. That’s in case you want to add a little extra “juice” to your legal herb—you can purchase one of these bottles and add a few drops to your herb mixture before you smoke it. All of them are guaranteed to make your experience stronger and more potent.

No matter where you buy herbal spice incense  from, they will tell you that it’s “not for human consumption”. Just remember that when you’re hungry; legal buds are not for eating. They’re for smoking, either in a joint, pipe, or hookah, but however your preference, don’t eat it like a peanut butter sandwich.


But the best thing do is burn then in your incense burner!  That’s what i do!

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