Kush Max Herbal Incense Review

Kush Max Herbal Incense (2.5 grams ea.)

Kush Max herbal incense is a blend of Mullein Leaf, Hops, Lemon Balm, Indian Leaves, Passion Flower,
and Wild Lettuce. Contains no nicotine or tobacco products, w/ no scent; a strength of 5 and packaged in
a 2.5 gram bag.
Are you getting tired of your mundane lifestyle? What is it that you really want? How do I become really
happy? If you are asking questions like these, it is time that you treat yourselves with Kush Max herbal
incense! If you are always asking yourself these questions, your body and mind really need a change!
A change so different that you would never forget the feeling of it ever in your life! Kush Max herbal
incense, the aromatic potpourri from Kush is not available in head shops. It is available on the internet…
just a few clicks away!
If your body does not get tired, but your mind does, it is time that you take immediate remedial action.
Let us understand the mind first. The human brain has two sides – the left brain and the right brain. Left
brain deals with logic, reasoning, rationalizing, and the like. Right brain deals with emotions, creativity
and imagination; which are stuff that left brain does not understand. Man needs both of them to function
well. However, here comes the problem! Normal mundane life does not allow most people to use the right
brain. It often starts from childhood, when parents try to stereotype the personalities of children. A male
child is not allowed to cry and express his emotions, because he is a male; and he is not ‘supposed to cry’!
A basic human necessity, of expressing one’s emotions, is forbidden! It continues all through life, and one
day, you realize you have lost all your happiness! If you feel it is time to regain the child-like happiness
and joy, take a decision right now – the decision to be happy, now and here. Take a shower; dim your
lights; if you do not feel like wearing any clothes, never mind; light up Kush Max herbal incense and
enjoy the aroma. Let it get into your body, mind, and soul! Transport yourself to the highly imaginative
world of the right brain! Enjoy every moment of it!
Do you know that Kush Max herbal incense is manufactured using the highest quality ingredients to uplift
the human mind? It is an aromatic potpurri made from safe ingredients. So the recent ban, on certain
compounds, does not really affect these scents. Buy Kush Max herbal incense now! Welcome to the
seventh heaven!

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