Grayson County K2 Potpourri bust

SHERMAN, TX – A sherman convenience store owner is back on the street tonight after police say he was arrested for selling the illegal drug k2 at his store.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office raided Joe’s Friendly Mart on Texoma Parkway early yesterday morning and they say what they found was disturbing.

The recent raid on Joe’s Friendly Mart in Sherman left Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary with 33 pounds of synthetic marijuana, 17 thousand dollars in cash, and a lot of concern for his county.

“This K2, this synthetic ingredient is much more addictive than the real marijuana.” said Sheriff Gary.

Tyler Sloan says he agrees. He says marijuana should be legalized, and the marketing of dangerous drugs like k2, the fake weed, is just proof of that.

“It’s very very highly addictive, I know a couple of people who are addicted to it, and the reason is because marijuana is illegal so therefore they turn to this and it’s quicker and easier to get a hold of.” Sloan said.

And even scarier, if you look at the labels on these packages, investigators say it’s obvious that young people are the target.

And what’s worse, medical experts say, they have no idea what they’re exposing themselves to because there are so many different chemicals and sometimes even poison used to make the products.

“Uh we had a case here about a week ago, of a young patient who was brought in, very severely agitated, combative, actually assaulting the police officers.” said Doctor David Abebefe.

Doctor Abebefe says that patient had overdosed on K2, and although the patient survived, not everyone does.

“It’s a serious thing and we’re going to have to pay more attention to it, the thing that we’ve learned in the past is about the time you get a grip on one type of drug, then of course it shifts and goes to some other type, people in this business are very innovative.” said Sheriff Gary.

Doctors say K2 has side effects similar to the effects of PCP and patients are known to go in to comas and some times even die.

Joe K. Matthew bonded out for $75,000.

If convicted Mathew could face up to 99 years in prison and $50,000 in fines.

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