Ultra Zombie Matter Dawn Potpourri


Halloween (Photo credit: gaudiramone)

I was saving this review for Halloween, then I figured wtf-good is this review if you can’t get your hands on it in time for the holiday. I plan to dress-up this year as a Zombie so I need to be this stoned to complete my costume. I have heard good things about this blend since it first appeared on the scene awhile back, so when the nice guys (zombies) at ZombieMatters contacted us for a review, we where more the happy to be their test subjects.

Holy shit this stuff is strong! I wasn’t running around hungry for brains, shit… I wasn’t running around doing a dam thing. This blend is the real deal when it comes to potency so be ready to do absolutely nothing for a good 25-35 minutes.

This is a killer blend, I highly recommend you try this if your a veteran spice-head you will not be disappointed. The label is awesome, and it’s in a nice little jar. The plant material looks like a mix of raspberry and maybe damiana…tho I could be wrong, seems about 1.5-2 grams. This is a natural flavorless blend.

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