TrainWreck 7x Herbal Spice


Raspberries (Photo credit: Ruby’s Feast)

Another new blend in a bottle, this one has a stanky dank aroma and is very thick. The TrainWreck 7x is a mash-up of some new trends in the industry we are seeing mainly the kush-like aroma and raspberry leaf.

The 7x is nice and potent, a good head high tho I think this nasty raspberry leaf gives me a headache, it’s a very plant/herbal taste.

Very nicely flavored, a good high and decent amount in the bottle this is a good buy if you can stand the plant material.

[Note: some of the popular plants and herbs used in most common blends are being banned in some states in an effort to stop the production of synthetic pot]

One thought on “TrainWreck 7x Herbal Spice

  1. Trainwreck is actually really good! Just tried it recently…I miss relapse & Mary j@y dead & berried tho 😦 New York has been really aggressive and overreaching with their campaign against synthetic cannibinoids and other recreational substances. It’s kind of ridiculous.

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