Purps Herbal Incense

Angry Birds

Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My search for the ultimate blend is finally over, this PURPS is absolutely fucking amazing! It is everything you expect it should be, and more in a shiny golden bag~

This stuff is sold as a premium blend and the potency is off the charts with an Angry Birds (I even see the pig on there) like logo and a re-sealable bag with clear back window so you can see first what you are buying.

The pigs stole the PURPS, now the birds are angry and want it back~

Buy this Now, you will not be sorry! The grape flavor is like nothing you have ever tasted before in an herbal blend while the plant material is a mash up of organic herbs and the ever sponge like mullen leaf that has those cotton balls that just send you into space. This is truly a a work of art, and I’m told these guys only concentrate all their efforts into this one product producing a unique blend in a category all it’s own.

The high is on a level I haven’t seen before with any herbal incense, the trip is intense lasting a good 30-40 minutes. Not to the point you will freak out on one hit, just pace yourself and follow the 20 minute rule. I can best relate it to smoking some real good (head high) pot.

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