Grand Reserve Herbal Incense Review

An Incense Burner from Mesoamerica

An Incense Burner from Mesoamerica

Let me get this out of the way now.  Before just recently I have never had the pleasure of trying one of the downright zany or over the top blends that the fine folks over at Amsterdam Attic have apparently been cooking up for a while now. Now I must admit that a certain amount of hype has been built up by my peers in regards to the Attic’s superior blends. The quality of their herbs is second to none (Seriously, do these guys hand pick their selections!?), their packaging although still in static bags is high of quality with nifty see through backs so you can see your goods. Oh.. Yeah… and let us not forget the countless as well as creative flavors and varieties of herbal incense they carry, the list goes on… What’s not to love about these guys?  I guess the only way to truly see if the Attic can live up to the hype is to get down and smoke some for myself.

Today we are going to look at Amsterdam Attic’s Grand Reserve. This monster blend is a step up from the Special Reserve, which as you know from reading our review or burning some yourself, is no slouch.  Now I usually smoke potent blends, one of my staples is “Zombie Killa”. Even with that I can burn a couple bowls and I’m still good. I didn’t really know what to expect when I picked up the bag of Grand Reserve, other than the hype for this company reaching dangerously epic levels. I felt like royalty, wax seal on the front and everything, while similar to the Special Reserve packaging wise the Grand Reserve is just a bit more elegant.

The Buzz:

The first thing I noticed is the mild natural damiana aroma, other than that this beast had no odor.  The herbs were VERY well sifted through and clean, they were also VERY well ground, more so than any of their other blends, there was no garbage or stems to be found… WHATSOEVER!  The first thing I noticed after I lit this baby up was how powerful of a punch this stuff can and will hit you with, shit.. I could even feel it creeping up before I even exhaled my first hit. The effect of this blend was through the roof, complete mind and body high lasting 45 minutes easy.  I could feel it rushing up my body and right to my brain like no other blend.  A completely euphoric high. I did experience a slight increase in heart rate but nothing out of the norm except that I was sitting there with a slapped happy grin on my face higher than I’d been in quite some time. Make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks and nothing planned.

I would also like to recommend taking it easy with Grand Reserve, especially if you are not a regular potent incense burner. I, as well as others around here burn more than some of you can imagine (seriously). Our tolerance levels are a bit higher, 30-40 minutes to us may end up being 2-3 hours for you. We here at spicelog want everyone to have great time… Safely.  If you are new to a “potent” blend, burn just a little and see how it reacts to you first. Then by all means blaze the shit out of it.

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