Beehives of Incense

Beehives of Incense (Photo credit: annavsculture)

If I didn’t know this shit was already coming I would freak out when this package arrived! This looks like something straight from the Umbrella corp. in a black package labeled EPIDEMIC HERBAL INCENSE there something just a little creepy, yet irresistible I think I’m gonna have to try it~

If the package wasn’t enough to warn you that this shit is going to literally make you a zombie for a good 30-35 minutes you deserve the t-virus. This is extreme incense Not for the weak! Looks like unfiltered Damiana leaf with-out flavor.

Definitely a trip for Halloween coming up, this is a total mind fuck and highly recommended!

As far as we know only ebay and direct from Epidemic Incense, help spread the word and let’s see this blend become an epidemic.

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