b52 herbal incense review

b52 herbal incense review

Alright Passengers! Buckle your seat belts, we are ready for takeoff.  Jumping right into this you’ll notice a nicely packed damiana blend in a clear glass jar covered with blue stars and a matching blue lid. Forgive me if I am completely underwhelmed by the “super XXX charger” sticker slapped on the lid but I’ve just seen the “xxx” or “extremely potent” thing way too often where it’s not warranted.  As soon I cracked it open I was blasted by a very sweet and very artificial Bubblicious Bubblegum Aroma that was strangely pleasing.

The Buzz

Lighting it up I was definitely skeptical, but it definitely didn’t take long for takeoff, quickly kicking in with a surprising medium to strong head and body high for the duration of the 25-30 minute flight. The landing? Surprisingly clean.

The Verdict

Says 1g on the jar but is definitely over that. This one will have you flying high. Maybe not as high as a commercial airliner, but close enough for the money.

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