New Ulm Smoke Shop Agrees to Pull Controversial Herbal Incense

The Smokes 4 Less tobacco shop in New Ulm will pull controversial herbal incense from its store in order to keep its license.

The New Ulm City Council had rejected the company’s application for renewal, citing the sale of Kryptonite and other products, which detractors say is synthetic marijuana.

Despite the warning on the package that the incense is not for human consumption, and the claim on their website that the product does not contain synthetic marijuana compounds, the New Ulm City Council decided they didn’t want Kryptonite sold in town, and followed through by not renewing the Smokes 4 Less tobacco license last week.

Now, Smokes 4 Less is back on track toward staying in business.

City Manager Brian Gramentz says, “They have come to an understanding that Smokes 4 Less would remove those products voluntarily from the shelves and that opens the door for the renewal for their 2012 cigarette license.”

Lawyers for the company spoke with the city, and were able to hammer out an understanding that will see the Smokes 4 Less license renewed, so long as the product in question is off the shelves by July 1st.

Gramentz says, “the correspondence we have from the Smokes 4 Less attorney recognizes the fact that the license starts on July 1st and everything should fall into place.”

The New Ulm City Council will vote on the Smokes 4 Less tobacco license with the new conditions next week Tuesday.

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