Hitting A Larger Fan Base Of Herbal Incense Smokers

We started this blog like many blogs with a goal.  We wanted to be the largest herbal incense review site with real reviews by the people that smoke this stuff daily.  Most of all we wanted to share our experience with fellow smokers all over the world and get there input.   Honestly shopping online for any product is amazing and yet scary at times.

How do you know what product to buy?  Where is the best source and whats the rock bottom price with the best product?  These are questions that we all ask our self daily when we shop online.  Well if your shopping for any type of herbal incense then this blog is your NOTEBOOK, its your starting place:

-Learn about the top blends of herbal spice

-Find the most reputable online seller

-learn what the strongest blends are

-know what companies to avoide

-share your experiences with other herbal smokers

That is the power of the internet.  We have all learned as we get older its all about who you know.  Boy that sure is the truth and its also about knowing before you buy.  If your smart with your time and money then you know you need to do a little research online these days before you ever break out that credit card and drop a single penny.  Herbal incense is a great product and though this blog you can research posts and blends and types of herbs to insure you find the perfect match for your liking.

We have bought herbal spice from over 30 different online sources and rated them all in our past posts.  We also bring cutting edge news about the laws in states though out the United States as it happens.  Do you know what blends are legal in your state? Do you know if they passed a new law banning chemicals in blends you been buying?  Well most people really have no clue.  Every state is different and many new laws are being passed daily to ban products like these.

When you stop in to our blog you can find this information as it happens.  We have a larger staff now and are really putting in over time to get our blog to be the largest information source on the net for you.  Please drop us a line and let us know what types of inprovemetns you would like to see.

Also as always if you have smoked herbal incense and would like to leave a review we ask that you please email us and we would love to share you experiences on our blog with all our views.  Our blog currently gets about 50,000 hits per day.  And we are not stopping there were adding a ton of options that you will love.  Thanks for stopping by, See you around!

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