So if your a herbal incense smoker then i am more then sure you have heard the news about all the states that are cracking down on herbal spice potpourri. Well we have search the internet for companies that offer legal herbal incense in your state and we have found a review of a great product we know you Must Hear About.   So the guys over at have a new line of herbal incense that is 45 State Legal.  Yes that is not a mis print its legal in almost every state in the United States. As soon as we learned about this great line of products we had to buy some and give it a try. We ordered several of the new Scooby Snax Herbal Incense from and let me just say, This is better then the old stuff.  Simply put its amazing and we have already placed a larger second order. First let me start with the  SCOOBY SNAX HYDRO (4 GRAMS EA.) 45 STATE LEGAL      ”10/10 STAR REVIEW” This was a heavy hitter and really fast acting herbal spice. Once we took a hit of this it was super smooth and sort of slow burning. Let me tell ya the name simply says it all, This shit was Hydro for real. We only ordered one snack and after 20 minutes my friends and i were wishing we had more. Hince the 2nd order we already placed. Haha. But to our surprise it held up to its name Hydro, that 4 gram bag lasted the two of us 4 days. it burns so slow and is so strong that we had to give it a 10/10 Yes really. We dont really think anything is a 10 – Cause we all know there is always room for improvement but this is the real deal. After much time and smoking we are giving it a 10 star review. – Meaning you must order this scooby snax hydro herbal incense for your self and see that its kick ass. You can check it out and order here  SCOOBY SNAX BLUEBERRY 45 STATE LEGAL REVIEW ” 2ND REVIEW” Ok so we also ordered the Scooby Snax blueberry, here is our review. First let me say this is like getting smacked in the face with a blueberry pie – no wipe cream though. It was also amazing but its very strong. The scent of blueberry is scented just perfect and its like a cool smoke that almost seems to come out our mouth as a blue flame. Super blue, its really packaged well and burns perfect. Scooby Snax herbal incense has really worked its way up the ladder and is becoming one of my all time favorites for sure. The blueberry scents is very addictive and almost feels like i picked the berry right off the fucking tree. Yea its that great.  The herbal spice has a texture that is good, like shack with out steams and really sticky just like we all like.  We rolled this herbal incense in to a joint and it burned super – with a blue flame. It rolls up really nice and does not have large steams sticking though the rolling papers like some other herbal incense.  This is also anouther herbal incense offered by and is also legal in all 45 states. There is a very kick ass bud and if you like blueberry then you must give it a toke. SCOOBY SNAX BLUEBERRY (4 GRAMS EA.) 45 STATE LEGAL    ” 9/10 STAR REVIEW” After smoking all 4 grams of our blueberry scooby snax herbal spice we give it a 9/10 review. It’s great smoke but we dont just issue 10 stars like joints. You gotta work for it.  Want to try it for your self or learn more click here So after smoking and toking and puffing and passing – here is our reviews. Hope you enjoyed then and as always drop us a line and let us know your experince with herbal incense and we might just publish it on our herbal incense review blog.  Puff Puff – Pass “Never Fuck Up The Rotation Guys & Gals”

Where to buy the cheapest herbal incense

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