Zombie Matter Ultra & Revelation Ultra Review

Zombie Matter Ultra & Revelation Ultra Review

Zombie Matter Ultra has been around for quite some time, all the while uncovered by this site officially , and has since attained a good reputation across the board with consumers. An official review has been long due. Does this Zombie Matter matter much in the herbal incense market?

Indeed it has earned its place in the kingdom. The container design is enticing enough, perhaps not the king of commercial presentation but well adequate nonetheless. More enticing are the effects of the aroma. Within a few minutes of lighting the incense a sense of “strong softness” fills the head, like a feather. Mild notions euphoria substantiate, and a heavy sense of bodily relaxation swells. As substantially relaxing as Zombie Matter Ultrais, it is not overly sedating nor is it likely submit you into the state of a catatonic zombie like some blends can.

Midnight has a delicious root beer scent from the container. The aroma carries through fairly well–not too harsh, and with a natural herbal scent intact… unfortunately the root beer scent is mostly lost, but the herbal essence is still gratifying. Dawn is a little less savory on the senses. It smells mildly spicy from the container and nothing special, though nothing unpleasant when it burns.

Revelation Ultra is much like Zombie Matter Ultra past the next level, Zombie Matter Ultra Ultra if you will. Effects are relatively similar save for the enhanced heady sensation, and mildly stimulating properties that promote a sense of alertness before hitting couch-lock. The smell is similar to that of the old Bayou Blaster, something of a mint/brown sugar hybrid.

Both of these products seem to last around 45 minutes, and both are of excellent quality.

Zombie Matter Ultra
Strength: 9.2/10
Aroma: 9/10 (Midnight), 8/10 (Dawn)
Overall: 9.2/10

Revelation Ultra
Strength: 9.5/10
Aroma: 8.3/10
Overall: 9.4/10

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