Yeah Right Herbal POTpourri Double Review

“Yeah Right!” Double Review

One and done? Yeah right! (<product placement) Never has an incense appended “done” in their name with warrant. Will one in fact be enough? The quick answer is no, it won’t be. However, in larger quantities One-N-Done‘s aroma induces a very nice heady stimulating sensation. The scent itself is nothing great, a bit chemical tinted, perhaps even the leftover scent of theacetone lingers. Regardless, speaking in the Reich of potency, it ranks decently but falls subordinate to others who also do not self-apply this audacious title. Perhaps the company name Yeah Right! consists as part of the irony, but I don’t believe this is intentional. Don’t mistake this as sheer mockery though–purchasers should at least be somewhat pleased with what they get.

Strength: 8.4/10
Aroma: 6.9/10
Overall: 8.1/10

Head Funk–I don’t know why the 3x is appended since there’s no base of relativity for which to compare–holds a similar sensation to its sister One-N-DoneSame strange scent. Essentially the name, other than the arbitrary 3x, is more fitting in this instance. Yes, it will place your head in a bit of a funk (3 times according to the label), a nice funky groove that’ll smooth out for around the same length as One-N-Done, around 20 minutes peak sensations and a little afterglow. Its only distinguishable difference was the lack of some of the stimulation that makes One-N-Done. For $5 cheaper/gram on their website this seems the more economical pick of the batch. This leads me to take into consideration their catalog, which currently boasts lofty prices as $70/3g of One-N-Done, $55/3g on Head Funk. It’s an expensive choice considering the wide availability of quality herbal incense these days.

Strength: 8.2/10
Aroma: 6.9/10
Overall: 8.0/10

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