Mad Hatter Herbal Incense

2 for $25 Mad Hatter Cloud 9 (3 grams ea.)

Well lets start with whats in the packet?

Cloud 9 Mad Hatter Orginal is a blend of Damiana w/ an original scent strength of 5 and packaged in a 3 gram bag.

This incense definitely has a great name, Mad hatter herbal spice. Shit lets start off by saying first off its not for human consumption – umm ok well i guess i am just breaking all the damn rules then.  This did not only rock my socks off my damn feet it fucking blew my mind. The high was one like staring at the wall and thinking great thoughts. For one i dont like watching TV only to find out the show i was watching is over 3 commercials ago.  LOL

Oh sorry back to the review about this bad ass herbal spice. I can across this from a friend that told me about a website he buys all his stash from.  So i went to the site and bought me 2 bags of this mad hatter herbal incense. I got the herbs in 2 days and light up.  Wow this stuff is really a mind blower.

I was completely relaxed, as was much needed since i was working in the yard all day cutting grass and planting flowers. No i was not planting my own herbal incense spices. I should be so lucky, Hell we all should be that lucky.

I can in to the house after a long day in the hot sun and light up my mad hatter herbal spice and just chilled out in the AC and thought this is pretty kick ass herb.  I was using this killer new bong that i got for my birthday last week. First i started off with just 2 good pulls off the water pipe.  Then i held in the smooth mad hatter smoke and … wait for it, just a bit longer, ok exhale.

Then the mad hatter potpourri took over and did its job, first making me feel as if i was high as hell. Next i just felt like a completely relaxed person and looked at the wall like “what you want some of this”.  Well the wall did not speak back and i guess thats to be expected.

Anyway i was so happy with the spice that i just had to try to roll up a fat blunt of this mad hatter spice. So i did and a few of my home boys came over to hit up this mack daddy mad blunt.  We the 3 of us, smoked the entire mad hatter herbal spice blunt and we had a blast.  Everyone said it was there best herbal spice yet.  So what can i say, i would have to give it a 10/10.

Come to think of it, i am headed back to where i bought my last stash of herbal incense over at and getting at least 4 more bags of this ish.  Hope my review helps, and hey leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on mad hatter herbs.

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