Even though some folks do roll it in paper and smoke it, a water-pipe, bong or vaporizer is best to smoke the alternative blends. The smoke must be inhaled quickly and held deeply. Alternatives should not be smoked in cigarette form because the leaves need to undergo combustion by means of a much hotter flame than an ordinary cigarette lighter. For this, we have found that an electrically charged, butane “torch” type lighter works the best for any method you decide to smoke it.

To smoke it correctly, hold the flame directly over the leaves of a medium sized bowl of a short pipe or water pipe. Draw it down into the leaves, igniting them for the entire duration of the inhalation. The amount of smoke product to use will vary from person to person.

Another matter with individual brain chemistry is that everyone will experience different degrees in buzz than the next person. Or you might feel effects that are totally not associated with the particular Herbal Smoking Alternative, even though the particular smoke has outstanding effects for most or has the reputation to. For example, Wild Lettuce is known to have sedative properties, but some smokers might also get a strong euphoria which is contradictory. So remember everyone is different and their chemical makeup plays a direct roll in the desired effects you feel. It varies from person to person and smoke product to smoke product.

Why don’t my Legal Bud Alternative or Marijuana Alternative Work? Why does my smoking buddy feel it and I don’t?
Herbal Smoking Alternatives do work (this includes all the legal buds, hybrid buds, herbal smoke and single herbs. It’s just just mainly a matter of the right potency and the particular effect of each herb. Each Smoking Alternative has its own signature effects. The first mistake new bud smoker in the Smoking Alternative scene is that they expect it to be like cannabis. There is no substitute for Marijuana. The legal buds are alternatives not substitutes. They are an alternative to Marijuana, Tobacco and other substances that may not be legal in the USA, if not most of the world. All of these Legal Bud Alternatives are legal in most of the U. S.

They will NOT give you a marijuana high, however you may experience to most if not all of the following effects and sensations: euphoria, relaxation, overall feelings of peace and well being, anti-anxiety, some relief from depression, chattiness, “the giggles”, some inebriation, et cetera. All effects varying in degree and effectiveness depending on which legal smoke brand you choose to smoke. The main reason some people don’t seem to get any effect after smoking is because brain receptor in the particular individuals are not bonding with the compounds in these smoking alternative. So in some cases you can smoke and smoke whichever Herbal Alternative and receive minimum to no results, no matter how much you smoke in a single session. This may be due to each individual’s genetic makeup and the resulting brain chemistry. You can easily overcome the non-bonding using a simple method.

Smoke about a bowl to two bowl’s worth (about 200mg to 300mg) of the herb alternative you are getting barely to no effects from every day, to a minimum of every other day, for one to two weeks. After that time, one day you will be smoking it and suddenly feel the buzz, if not VERY buzzed. Usually happens with me after only week of using this method. This method is priming one’s brain to get those receptors bonding with the smoke to get the full effects from the alternatives. Thus avoiding disappointment or even worse your throwing away of your hard earned cash. Just don’t expect every Herbal Smoking Alternative you use to be as potent and or be the same in effects to other Herbal Smoking Alternatives, because they are all different. Some might be more potent than the next, some more euphoric, others will give you more of a chilled out relaxed feeling. But all will have a noticeable effect on you and then it’s up to you whether you like a particular effect or not.

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