Flame Herbal Incense Review


Flame is packaged in a nice, sturdy plastic container with a simple but catchy sticker design. The herbs smell great from the container, each just as good as one would hope judging from the labels. When lit, Flame has a toasty scent to it that to some may compliment the underlying aroma, and to others may detract from it.

Flame‘s aroma lends to a heavy body sensation, relaxation in a strong and pronounced sense that may give one the feeling of “couch-lock.” The fire burns at its brightest for about 40 minutes before slowly extinguishing, leaving a lingering feeling of sleepiness in the wake of the warmth.

Flame won’t necessarily set your night on fire but it’ll radiate welcome warmth at a reasonable cost. For moderate incense burners this may be an excellent choice, though seasoned burners may find it underwhelming in comparison to the beasts out there.

Strength: 8.7/10
Aroma: 8.8/10
Overall: 8.7/10

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