Death Wish herbal incense Review

Shortly after the well received KrunkRemix, Superior Botanicals continues to up the ante with Death Wish. I have come to appreciate the base herbal blend that makes up the Krunkmix trio. It seems more conducive to proper absorption to maintain potency–I say this because the original Krunkmix was significantly less savory and seemingly less potent even though the same ingredients were said to be used. To acknowledge the introduction of the new & improved Krunkmix an amendment will be made to the first review.

Death Wish‘s fragrance is sweet and succulent. It doesn’t take long for the aroma of Death Wish to produce very notable euphoric sensations and a full body rush. If you are inclined to rapid heartbeat from burning herbal incense, be warned this may be a death wish (hehe) for you. The sensations are essentially a heightened plateau to that of KrunkRemix, an elevation of similar/same properties including the unfortunate brevity of length present in Remix. A little goes a long way, but for the experienced incense burners out there it’s easy to enjoy this one so much as a tendency to rush through it since it never seems to overwhelm in a negative manner (keeping in mind the anticipated exception of elevated heart rate for those inclined).

One of the very few drawbacks to Death Wish remains as implied previously; if you’ve tried KrunkRemixextensively you have a general idea of what to expect, it seems to lack the introduction of new attributes to the blend as opposed to a heavily concentrated mix of remix. I still highly recommend at the price of $7.50/g that everyone interested give this a shot–if you’re already a fan of KrunkRemix, then there’s a real good chance you’d like to take a step up–whether or not this will continue to be the purchase of choice over Remix is difficult to answer. For those of you who may frequent Superior Botanicals, there will likely be a division of those who find the extra firepower worth the additional $3 (relative to Remix) and those who will stick with the petty price of $4.50/g for another excellent product.

Strength: 9.8/10
Aroma: 9.6/10
Overall: 9.8/10

One thought on “Death Wish herbal incense Review

  1. Do you still remember this strain? I took it years ago and it’s the best thing ever but I’m trying to find a natural alternative with the same feel. Any idea if a specific weed strain mimics the feeling? Indica Sativa etc?

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