“Northern Lights” and “Code Red” Herbal incense Reviews

Northern Lights Herbal Incense manufactures both the eponymousNorthern Lights incense consisting of varying scents, and Code Red. Both are professionally packaged and labeled with quality artwork, Code Red being particularly eye-catching. I like the sound of the title. Do I foresee a red alert?

Code Red, as opposed to the Northern Lights selection, is a singular entity—there are no varieties, just the proprietary cherry* scent. I find it truly disappointing that a quality cherry scent is such a scarcity in the world of herbal incense. I rather enjoy the smell of cherry filling the room, and who doesn’t want a taste of cherry? The only other satisfactory cherry scent I’ve encountered in the past is RxLapse by Mr. Nice Guy. The cherry aroma is more muted in this instance than the bombastic cherry of RxLapse, but it’s still nice to have this scent available, especially now that RxLapse is banned.

The cherry aroma Code Red sports is palpable and pleasant. From the bag it smells great. After burning, the aroma itself doesn’t hold long before it attains the less desirable charred and smoky smell. I would suggest throwing smaller amounts into the burner consecutively, as opposed to one large amount for a single session. Effects produced by the aroma are pleasant but much more subtle than I anticipated from a product labeled Code Red—more of a bodily sensation than heady, more weighty than uplifting, some audial enhancements, and relaxation.

Taking the prior into consideration, its name rests on the brink of irony (with the exception of the logical connection between red and cherry*) and is somewhat misleading (Code Red is an intense name). I can’t call a genuine red alert for this one as far as potency is concernedCode Red is nevertheless a good blend that will cater to personal preference, it’s just not my ideal cup of tea—I like mine extra strong, and this seems more geared toward those with a taste for the more moderate. I can’t help but think there’s some untapped potential in this otherwise satisfying blend.

Strength: 7.9/10
Scent: 8.2/10
Overall: 8/10

The scents I received for Northern Lights are Minty Blast, Berry Blitz, Mango and Original. Other scents are available in their inventory but I will only be testing these.

I found each individual aroma to be pleasant, especially Berry Blitz. The Mango is mondo, and the Mint Blast is… minty. Again, like Code Red, the aroma fades fast so the aforementioned procedural recommendation applies to this label as well (in fact, I find it works well with most incense I test). A distinct difference between Code Red and Northern Lights is that the latter produces a heady sensation as opposed to the more bodily sensation Code Red provides.

Sustenance seemed a strong point of Northern Lights. Its lights shine on for an above average time comparable to other brands. When they finally dim, it’s a smooth slide back to the self.

Strength: 8.4/10
Scents: Berry Blitz (8.7/10), Mango (8.6/10), Mint Blast (8.5/10)
Overall: 8.5/10

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