Herbal Incense Wicked X Review

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Wicked X (tried blueberry and original) fucking sucks. Like snakes crawling across my brain. Time to move on to another. Fuck – it was expensive.

I just wanted share some thoughts I had about a new – or newish – incense. Now, I don’t claim to be a genius when it comes to incense, but there are a few that I’ve come to know and love. This is why the recent ban hurts me so. They are taking away something that I love – something that I’ve grown to really enjoy. Smoking incense means that I don’t have to worry about urine analysis; it means that I don’t have to sacrifice the things that I love, just because the government said to put it away.

Obviously from this blog I don’t anyway.

This ban has left a gaping hole where sweet dank used to burn. I need to fill it with something. Lets start with Wicked X. BRB.

Okay. Where to begin. First off, this shit ain’t cheap, but it tastes that way. There are those who think that smoking incense is strictly for losers, to which I say “I will fuck your stupid mouth, boy.” But I digress. Wicked XXX leaves me feeling that there is something dirty about what I am doing. Something tainted, but not in a good way. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind feeling dirty. Hell, what we are doing is a little weird – smoking legally available analog drugs? Yeah, a bit shady. What I don’t want is for a product’s packaging, presentation, taste, contents, or anything else, to communicate to me that this is a filthy act.

It’s a bit hard to explain (especailly now that I am high), but Wicked X (we smoked the Original and Blueberry blends) just tasted dirty – chemically. Normally I’d write it off to a bad batch. These things happen. I find this unlikely, though, since we tried two different blends and neither of them were very good. I won’t go so far as to say terrible, but definitely not great. They both left an ashy taste in my mouth that overwhelmed the artificial taste they slathered onto it. Oh, and the taste itself wasn’t bad, just not good enough to overcome both the shitty herbals and shitty high. Per their logo, the effect was like snakes crawling across my brain. We weren’t high on anything else at the time, so I was an untainted sample. I was also smoking with one other person who felt much the same way. It just… wasn’t the same free wheeling high I have grown accustomed to. I felt stupid, slow, and sort of bored. Anyway, I won’t be trying Wicked X (of any flavor) again.

So, yeah, that’s about it for now. There are (by now) hundreds of blends available to chose from and finding the right one isn’t an easy task. We’ll keep trying FOR SCIENCE!

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