Defcon 5 Total Annihilation Incense Review

Defcon 5 Total Annihilation Incense reminded me of many incenses on the market right now.  It had a nice aroma that sadly didn’t transfer over to the taste department.  As for the effects, it did get the job done but it didn’t last particularly long, nor was the intensity of the high enough to justify the price.  While it was an alright incense, the more than $20 for a gram price tag just isn’t justified.  6.5/10, alright a decent incense but there are way better values out there.  

One of the worst things about reviewing legal highs is playing Russian roulette with your paycheck.  Aside from the physical risks of being a human guinea pig, there is always the risk that you’ll end up blowing your hard-earned cash on a less-than-awesome product.  While Defcon 5 Incense isn’t bunk, it also isn’t mind-blowing and that’s just not good enough in today’s marketplace.  It’s a smoker’s maker right now and if you’re not bringing your A game, there are plenty of vendors that are.

My most recent test was Defcon 5 Incense’s blend.  I stumbled across the product online and uncovered some vaguely positive reviews so I figured I’d take the gamble.  I was hoping the product would prove to be worth the more than $20 a gram price.  $20 (or more) a gram can either be a great deal or a total ripoff depending on the product’s quality.  In this case, I just didn’t think it was good enough to warrant that price.

My gram arrived on a Friday and I actually had Saturday off for a change so I figured I’d get good and blazed.  Since I hadn’t used him in a while, I decided to test with my trusty Bongzilla.™  As always, I took it easy at first to test the potency.  After two smaller hits with no nasty side effects, I finished the bongload. Soon enough, I could tell I was getting high but not that high.  It leveled off pretty quickly so I followed it with another few hits.  The taste was a little rough not nearly as nice as I’d hope based on the smell.  However, it wasn’t exceptionally harsh.

The second bong got me where I wanted to be.  Sadly, after around an hour, I noticed that the high was fading rather quickly and had to take a few more rips to get back up.  That was the story of the rest of the night.  I had to keep toking pretty regularly to stay good and baked.  Now, this wouldn’t be so bad in some cases, the fact that there are tons of blends that are more effective for cheaper makes me think I’ll add this to the “not again” list.  Sure, I ended up having a good time but it’s just not a good value.

Now, I do have a tolerance and that could account for my experience.  Don’t be a dumbass and dive into this headfirst if you decide to try some.  You might just need a little bit to get where you need to go.  Personally, I’ll be avoiding this, there’s plenty of blends out there that can get me as high or higher for longer and for cheaper.  Defcon 5 was ok.  Just ok.  6.5 out of 10 based on a price that was much higher than I was.

Looking to order herbal incense?  I ran across

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