Dank Herbal Incense Review

Dank Dank Dank: “Dank” Review

There are easily around a dozen brands floating about throughout the country, both regional and wide distribution, with the labelDank. If someone refers to Dank herbal incense in a conversation the other couldn’t possibly have any idea what the hell Dank they’re talking about without further description. This review specifically covers the Dank distributed by S&S Wholesalers, the distributors of Mr. Happy which also includes G-13, Mr. Happyand… Mr Nice Guy?–no play on words there, blunt and to the point on the mimicry. After seeing Mr. Nice Guy one gathers Mr. Happy‘s thing seems to be imitation, and as their Mr. Nice Guy (*) is a significantly weaker cheaper “analogue” of the official Mr. Nice Guy, Dank is closer to a weaker cheaper “analogue” of Stuk!.

This is in fact a 2nd Generation Dank, the 1st falling with the emergency D.E.A. ban. Intuition says the formula didn’t change a whole lot. Dank smells pretty nice though–lemon-lime like, a trace of chewing gum, again similar to Stuk. The shiny gold packaging is attention grabbing and it’s not a blatant imitation like Mr. Nice Guy like… well… Mr. Nice Guy (which comes in identical gold packaging). The herbs are a little dry, not too brittle, and arranged in a common fashion. When the incense is burnt it gives off a heavy aroma at first sweet and harsh, and then just harsh.

Sad to say, dank ain’t that dank, it’s mid-level product. You can dig through a whole bag in a short period of time without knowing it, not because it’s amazing, but at some levels you almost don’t feel much more with continued burning except maybe comatose. It’ll mellow you out just fine with a reasonable amount, nothing more nothing less. Something to be picked up for value purposes, and in this context it isn’t all that bad.

Strength: 7.4/10
Aroma: 8.2/10
Overall: 7.6/10

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